13 Goals in ’13! :)

13 IN 13


Happy 2013!!! :) I know bringing in the new year always comes with a new found drive, motivation, and want for yourself or your loved ones to be better in some way, shape, or form. That is GREAT!!!! But what is even better is when you set those goals and stick to them! Having a support group/community is such a big help when it comes to things like this! I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the love and support surrounding me daily. I want THIS page to be just that. Love, support, motivation, inspiration, etc, to be the BEST you possible and to have other like-minded people near you as well! Or at least a click away when you need it most! :)

I want to start off this year by setting goals & being accountable to them through all of you & my close family & friends who always have my back! My boyfriend came up with the great idea to set 13 goals in 2013 and I LOOOOOVE it!!! And we wanted to challenged all of YOU to write out YOUR goals, hopes, dreams, and wishes for this year along with us! Choose things that will challenge you, but with enough hard work, dedication, and discipline, you will be able to achieve! After all, if you believe you can, YOU CAN!!!

Put these 13 goals somewhere that you can see them daily!!! Alex has a cork board in his room and he wrote all of his on a note card and pinned it on the board. Put it somewhere that you spend a lot of time so you can have a daily reminder of what you need to do this year! It can be ANYTHING! It can be related to fitness, nutrition, academics, family, friends, volunteering, careers….whatever you choose! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! You can choose to share them with all of us or keep them to yourself! YOUR choice!!! At the end of this week, I will be posting my goals for 2013 so everyone can see! I would LOVE if you posted yours here to share with others and to keep each other motivated!

Let’s start this New Year off right…empower yourself to do ANYTHING you set your mind to! We are ALL in this together!!!

Are you accepting the challenge!?! Can’t wait to hear your goals SOON! :) Stay tuned for mine!!!

Court :)


  1. I love how you have such a great attitude..You know what it’s like to have to work HARD for what you want..you are a great inspiration and I will be following..13 Goals…I’m on it!! :)

    • bl11courtney says:

      Thank you Kelly!!! Can’t wait to see/hear your goals if you choose to share…or just let us know when you have them if you choose not to share all of them! :) This year will be AMAZING!!! Happy 2013! ;)

  2. 1)Beat my best half-marathon time (Pittsburgh Half-Marathon, Biggest Loser Half-Marathon, Erie, PA) 2:47:08
    2)Raise > or = $500 for St.Jude
    3)Find sunglasses/sun hat that I don’t feel ridiculous in and never skip the sunscreen.
    4)Drink 4 bottles of water/day
    5)Post something positive every day no matter what I feel like.
    6)Eat at least 1 vegetable every day.
    7)No going to bed without doing a max set of pushups.
    8)Get Rocky and/or Ryan to do a 5k with me. 9)Beat my best marathon time and pick one in a state I haven’t done one in yet. (6:20:24)
    10)Make sure to kiss Ryan every night before bed no matter what.
    11)Workout during every Biggest Loser episode.
    12)Only Casa del Taco on the weekends (limited)
    13)No more than 2 cans of diet coke a day.

  3. Nice site! Super cute!! :)

  4. 1) Get back on track with my depression meds. I stopped taking them and let depression take over again. I have to get my head clear so I can Cut 2013.
    2) Get moving, push myself through it. Right now I can barely wash a dish, I feel stuck. The clutter just makes it worse…I need to declutter my mind and home.
    3) Get my house in order, get organized and work through what I have created.
    4) Get back on planning and cooking healthy meals for my partner and I, clean non packaged foods.
    5) Bring my lunch to work everyday so I am not eating from the hospital cafeteria pr vending machines….which is horrible food
    6) Cut back on Caffine and drink more water, I drink coffee all day long, and need to swap that with water after my one cup in the morning.
    7) Find a outdoor activity that I can do that gets me out of the house and living. Friends just got Kayaks and we would love to get some too so that we can get out and moving as well.
    8) Me time….to do whatever it is I want to do…crafts, play video games, read, take a hot bath…whatever it is…just me time.
    9) Show my partner how important she is to me, I don’t do that nearly as much as I want to inside. I want to show her and then I stop myself, I believe getting my depression in check will help with this as well. She is a very patient woman, but she deserves more then I have given her.
    10) Work out, stick to it, find things to do that break a sweat and something I like and stick to it.
    11) spend more time training the dog, he is so smart and when we got him I had all these plans to train him with these tricks and things, and I haven’t due to my not being motivated. He has so much intelligence and loves to learn things. I will work on one trick a month.
    12) Hike more with friends, partner, dog, by self
    13) learn to love myself…because I don’t.

    • 1) should read so i can live 2013

    • bl11courtney says:

      I LOVE your goals!!! And I have full faith that you can make this year about HAPPINESS!!! You deserve to be happy, love! I am praying for you & wishing you the absolute best! <3

    • Start small, especially when it comes to your home. If you look at the clutter around you, it can become so overwhelming. I started setting small goals like: No dirty dishes in the sink, EVER. I make it a priority to keep that sink clean. Then I moved on to cleaning my bathrooms once a week, deep clean. You can do this! Just keep setting small goals and they are so much more attainable!

  5. As of right now I only have a few goals for 2013, but once I figure out the rest, I’ll be sure to post :)

    1.) Fully rely on God in every aspect of my life.
    2.) Get into a transition program to finish my nursing degree.
    3.) Obtain my personal training license (or since I’ll be in nursing school then at least begin studying for it).
    4.) Be happy.
    5.) Stop trying to please everyone and respect myself enough to make the right decisions.
    6.) Get into the gym 5 days a week.

    Thanks for this great challenge! I can’t wait to really focus on my life this year and figure out what other goals I’ll be striving to reach throughout 2013. Love you! Xoxo

  6. 1: Get my blog up & going!! I want to share my story with the world and inspire others along the way!
    2: Reach my goal weight of 170 (58.4 to go!)
    3: Run my first ever 5K race
    4: Recommit my life to Christ in all I do, not just being in Church on Sundays
    5: Date more ;-) I need to stop turning down opportunities and go for them!
    6: Follow through on the promises & plans I make to myself
    7: Less TV, more exercise & moving
    8: Knock off some items on my 30 before 30 list
    9: Become certified in something fitness related that I enjoy, practice it, and get ready to *hopefully* teach it in 2014 – potentials include Piloxing, Yoga, Pilates
    10: Stop shopping at Lane Bryant for good! Love their clothes, but I don’t like being limited to one store because of size. I want to shop at Express again!
    11: Re-evaluate my goals every month, re-adjust when it is needed and keep myself moving forward
    12: More massages in 2013 ;-) Because every girl needs pampering.. and it is good for you!
    13: Allow myself one night a month for alcohol – but only in moderation. No more bar binge nights. The old me is dead & gone!

    Can’t wait to read your list, Courtney and keep each other updated throughout the year! Happy New Year!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Love you goals!!! Let us know when you get your blog up and running so we can all check it out!! :) Happy New Year!!! xoxoxo

  7. 1. Quit smoking (starts tomorrow!!)
    2. Eat healthier (starting a “biggest looser” type weight loss challenge w/friends – starts this weekend through 10-31-13)
    3. Work out at least 2-3x a week
    4. Find a better work/life balance (own a small biz & feel like all I do is work!)
    5. Travel
    6. Subscribe to fitness/healthy living blogs & magazines
    7. Buy a grill to help w/goal #2
    8. Spend more time with family
    9. Ride my bike more (Live in the midwest so a little chilly these days!)
    10. Find a way to volunteer more
    11. Increase my business client base by at least 5%
    12. Adopt a dog
    13. Begin the process to become a foster parent

    • bl11courtney says:

      You have some awesome goals, Kristen!! I think #1 will change your life for good!! I am so proud of you! Keep us updated on how you are doing!! Here’s to 2013!! :)

    • Thank you so much for wanting to become a foster parent! As a 22 year old who has aged out of the system and as a social work student, I know what it is like to live in a foster home where you are not wanted and where people just take you in for the extra income. Based on your goals you seem like a fantastic person and anyone would be lucky to have you as a foster parent. Please, just consider taking older kids as well. I know that most people want little kids but I went into foster care at 15 and no-one wanted me….big kids need love too. :) I hope you accomplish all of your goals and again; thank you.

  8. David Jones says:

    My 2013 Goals are as follows:

    1- Run 2013k in 2013. Breaks down to 3.4 miles a day
    2- Compete in my first ever half Ironman in Hawaii
    3- Train enough to bring my half marathon time under 2 hours
    4- Train enough to bring my full marathon time under 4 hours
    5- Cut out soda and juice.
    6- Only drink water with meals
    7- Bring my positive energy into my work space to my that environment a much happier place
    8- Each day I will write down on a index card something positive for that day. put that card in a vase and reread all of them in december
    9- Smile and say hello to everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis.
    10- Focus on a more healthy life style. No more fast food for lunch.
    11- Since living in Hawaii I plan to bring as many friends and family out to see how beautiful this part of America is.
    12- Instead of watching an hour of television, I will go and walk/run for an hour.
    13- No more negativity. Turn any situation into a positive one and only focus on the good!

  9. Great idea!!! I’m working on mine now! You are such an inspiration to us all, Courtney!! Thank you!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Can’t wait to see them, Gina!! Well, that’s if you choose to share! As long as YOU have your goals near & dear to you, that’s what matters most! Happy 2013!!

  10. Awesome idea! Not sure I have 13 goals yet but will be thinking of more.
    1-Get my motivation back for exercising. I lost 40lbs in 2012 and I know I can lose more.
    2-Lose 5 lbs in January
    3-Start writing down everything I eat
    4-Spend more time doing things with my boys.
    5-Start a new hobby
    6-Lose another 40lbs before the year is over with.

    I know I can find more goals, but for now those are a start!
    Courtney, you are an inspiration! And you give me so much motivation with your post. Thank you!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Thank you so much for posting, Angela!! I am so happy to see your goals here!! 6 is a great number to start with! If you think of more, post them here if you want, or just be sure to write them down so YOU can see them daily!!! You’ve got this! :) xoxo

  11. 1. No Fast Food
    2. No diet Soda
    3. Workout no less than 7 times a week
    4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
    5. Control Portions
    6. Lose 70 lbs
    7. Limit online time
    8. Go to bed no later than 10
    9. Wake up at 6
    10. Organize
    11. Start saving for home
    12. Reconnect with Friends
    13. Find Happiness

    • bl11courtney says:

      Love, love, LOVE your goals Tabatha!!! I have full faith in you that you can accomplish ALL of these!!! xoxo

  12. I have a few goals I hope to accomplish this year!

    1. Get pregnant :)
    2. Lose 40lbs
    3. Restart Paleo (took a small break over the holidays)
    4. Encourage my husband everyday
    5. Take my Pastor Wife duties to a whole new level

    Thanks for letting me share Courtney!

    • bl11courtney says:

      YAYYY!! all of those goals look WONDERFUL, Aubrey! I’m especially praying for you on #1!!! Keep us updated!! :) xoxoxo

  13. I follow you on Facebook but hadn’t seen your blog before. Love, love, love the 13 goals in 2013 idea. I’ll have to think about mine and share later.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Absolutely, Jenn! Take your time and really think about what you want out of 2013!! We are all in it together! Can’t wait to hear what you want to accomplish this year! ;)

  14. 1. Continue my weight loss journey ( down 28lbs in 3 months thanks to advocare!)
    2. Inspire at least 2 people a month to get healthy
    3. Run 1/2 marathon
    4. Run at least 1 different running event each month ( so far I have one for each month up until may)
    5. Become a personal trainer
    6. Continue growing with my faith in god
    7. Enroll back in school
    8. Grow as a massage therapist
    9. Save more money/ work on my finances
    10. Find a positive thing about every day and be thankful for it.
    11. Clean eating! Really focus one diet and nutrition
    12. Travel more
    13. Learn to really love myself.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Love your goals, Victoria!! Looks like a POSITIVE year ahead of you!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! xoxo

  15. Goals for 2013
    After an amazing 2012 losing another 52lbs bringing my total to 110. And reaching my goal of being a first time home buyer 2013 has a lot to live up to..,
    1. Doing another 12 week boot camp starting in the 7th would love to hit my goal if 199
    2. Continue to inspire people to get their weight loss journey started
    3. After completing my first 5k this year (without stopping) I want to compete to 1 a month
    4. Feel confident enough by summer to do a triathlon
    5. Continue to teach my 10yr old healthy eating and exercise
    6. Stop beating myself up if the scale doesn’t show every time
    7. Continue to try new things, keep things fresh with meals and workouts
    8. Fit into my ‘dream dress’ I have had with the tags on for 8 years
    9. Improve my running speed
    10. Give more to others
    11. Get to church more
    12. Continue to focus on all the good EVERY day
    13. Last but not least (this is going to be the hardest for me) only surround myself with people that want to see me succeed. Some people can be negative or hurtful when they see this is the new me and the new way I want to live my life. It’s going to be hard but people in my life need to be in it for the good. I can’t continue to be the ‘ fat funny friend’ anymore!

  16. Ashley Brandenburg says:

    My list of 13 in ’13

    1) I have always been a people pleaser, so this year I really want to make myself happy first and not compromise it for anything

    2) My sister n law lost my set of nephew twins at 20 weeks this year and I want to not take anything for granted this year because I know how fast it can be taken away

    3) Volunteer with an organization called grow up great that is affiliated with my company

    4) Make a dent in my student loan payments

    5) Read more books, at least one a month

    6) Learn to love myself

    7) Feel comfortable in a dress for my best friends wedding in August

    8) Take an art class

    9) travel somewhere I have never been before

    10) NO POP

    11) More activity, Less lazy

    12) Be more independent (I am very appreciative that if I need help my parents are there to help)

    13) They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I want to make a habit of eating breakfast because usually I skip it!

  17. Goals for 2013
    1) Choose to have Joy each day (Jesus, others, you)
    2) Attain the weight of 150.
    3) 30 minutes of excersize everyday
    4) Write my novel
    5) Choose to actively seek out my husband’s company by utilizing his love languages (Service and Physical touch)
    6) Help my children be the best they can be.
    7) Pray for Lisa Beall.
    8) One day a week without internet.
    9) At least one new recipe I never tried
    10) Read through the bible in a year
    11) Keep my journal up to date even if I just write a little
    12) Run a 5K
    13) Be more involved in my children’s schools.

  18. 1. Stay positive!!!!
    2.Spend more time with family and friend
    3. Work out at least 5 days out of the week
    4. Lose 50 more pounds by the end of May!!
    5. Start running
    6. Try to be my goal weight by the end of the year
    7. Make sure to make a menu every week and not go out to eat
    8. Be comfortable in my own skin.
    9. Inspire someone to get healthy
    10. Make sure to come on time from work( always spend extra time there ;))
    11. Go away for my anniversary
    12. Take or plan another vacation to Disney
    13. Be a better person

  19. A lot of my goals are CrossFit related, but here they are:
    1. Continue to lose weight/build muscle & make it to ONEder land
    2. Maintain my control over diabetes and stay off medication
    3. Increase my water intake
    4. Prepare more meals ahead of time
    5. Be able to wear my Lulu goal jacket
    6. Compete in a USAW Competition in April (in a singlet? Maybe? Eek!)
    7. Finish the Rugged Maniac 5K in May (preferably alive & uninjured)
    8. Do Burpee Box Jumps to (at least) the 20in box on my birthday in August
    9. RX Isabel
    10. Do a cartwheel
    11. Improve my overall core strength
    12. Get my elbows high and around the bar faster
    13. Rely more on myself and be more independent

  20. Alright, here are the rest of my 2013 goals…

    7.) Spend less time on my phone, more time in the Word.
    8.) Look in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful every single day.
    9.) Let go of the past.
    10.) Get brave and try out Crossfit.
    11.) Get enough sleep at night.
    12.) Pray more, worry less.
    13.) Get rid of the mentality of pushing people away because “I’m afraid to lose them and pushing them away will make it easier.”


  21. Cindy Bouchard says:

    1. Get to One-derland and then reach my goal weight of 150.
    2. Learn new ways to be active: join a kickboxing class is my first choice. I already spin and do aquasize and workout with the wii and exercise to Bob and Jillians dvds.
    3. Run my first 5k.
    4. Educate myself more on fitness and nutrition so I can share and use that knowledge.
    5. Consolidate my high interest debt and renovate my house.
    6. Make a substantial contribution, money, time or both to my charity, our local SPCA, and save at least one animal’s life.
    7. Go on a beach vacation and not feel insecure about my appearance.
    8. Become someone’s inspiration and let people know when they inspire me.
    9. Always be grateful for how blessed I am and pay it forward!
    10. Make my workplace even happier… And healthier.
    11. Buy a sparkly dress and go out to an expensive black tie ball next New Years.
    12. Start attending a local church, make some new friends and have a closer relationship with God.
    13. Do something deeply meaningful for someone, that will change their lives.

  22. These are my “13 in ‘13”.
    My first resolution is to put myself first. If I don’t commit to myself and my health and my well-being, I will not be able to give my best to everyone else. I need to eat healthier, commit to my workouts, and resolve to meet my weight loss goal of 100 lbs lost by the end of 2013. This includes some resolutions within my resolution – Drink water daily. Cut out soda. Bring lunch to work daily. Write down what I eat. Schedule gym time.

    Now in no particular order:
    #2 – Write things down. Calendar. Lists. Delegate when necessary. Prioritize.
    #3 – Organize the house. Commit to a cleaning routine. Make a list of “projects” to better organize the home and tackle the list.
    #4 – Run a 5K and do a triathlon.
    #5- Help my husband manage his diabetes and loss weight by meal planning and encouraging him to be more active.
    #6 – Help my 3 boys make goals and commit to them.
    #7 – Organize my desk at work. This involves committing to grading student work weekly and keeping plans and paperwork better organized.
    #8 – Focus on the positives in life. Continue to “Pay It Forward”. Keep a family notebook.
    #9 – Stop swearing.
    #10 – Train Max, our dog.
    #11 – Get our family finances more organized and build our savings account.
    #12 – Plan a vacation for the summer.
    #13 – Keep in touch with those most important to me.

  23. 13 for 2013 (in no particular order)
    1. Reach my final goal weight.
    2. Promote 2 more times in my business.
    3. Run 2 more 1/2 marathons.
    4. Learn more about leadership.
    5. Start blogging.
    6. Make enough money so that my husband can cut back on his hours.
    7. Continue to step outside of my comfort zone.
    8. Say “no” more often.
    9. Declutter each and every room in my house.
    10. Daily quiet time with God
    11. Read personal development material 5 times a week.
    12. Family devotional 5 times a week.
    13. Schedule more date nights and family nights.

  24. My goals for 2013:
    1. Stay Positive
    2. Surround myself with positive people.
    3. Continue eating healthy.
    4. Lose this last 20 lbs.
    5. Keep running
    6. Run/walk 1000 miles
    7. Survive my husband being gone to Saipan.
    PS. Courtney Crozier YOU and your mom are AMAZING! Watching your journey has been SO INSPIRING! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  25. 1) get rid of so called friends on FB

    2) become healthier

    3) complete a mud run

    4) ride our bikes more

    5) find a job I am passionate about

    6)talk to my fiancée about setting a time to start trying to have kids

    7) go on a weekend getaway

    8) read more

    9) wear a bikini to the beach and actually feel comfortable in it

    10) wear more makeup

    11)workout during commercials while watching the Biggest Loser

    12) eat less sweets

    13) tell the people I love that I love them more often

  26. Here are my goals:

    1. Read 12 books
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Complete couch to 5k
    4. 365 miles (1 mile a day)
    5. 6 5k races (last year I did 4)
    6. Focus on ME!
    7. Less time with technology – TV, phone, etc.
    8. More time in the Word
    9. More random acts of kindness
    10. Try new things – boxing, dancing, etc.
    11. More trips to see my family
    12. Travel somewhere I’ve never been.
    13. Blog more :)

  27. I decided 13 was a few too many for me to take on right now, but I am firmly committing to five! They are listed at http://www.losingitinchicago.com/2013/01/new-years-resolutions-and-discount-to.html and are:
    1. Work out at least twice a week in January, three times a week in Febtuary and four times a week in March, and then sustain that four-times-per-week frequency.
    2. Track every bite on MyFitnessPal.com.
    3. Be intentional about spending more time with my girlfriends (yay, a fun resolution!).
    4. Focus more on the spiritual aspect of my life–prayer, meditation, church, etc.
    5. Make strides at work by reading business books, improving my leadership skills, and increasing my confidence.

    Let’s make 2013 an amazing year! :)

  28. Lindsay Cashen says:

    1. Lose 90-100 pounds (2 pounds per week)
    2. Maintain daily food/exercise log
    3. Try out a new vegetarian/vegan recipe every week.
    4. Save $6,000 to help me with my move out of state (hopefully January of next year)
    5. Skype as much as possible with nieces, sister, and brother-in-law in Canada.
    6. Work towards getting over fear of going to doctor, gynecologist, etc.
    7. Don’t waste time on flings/hookups that are not helping me grow or better myself.
    8. Develop better budgeting habits.
    9. Offer help to my dad with healthy living habits.
    10. Take a vacation every month (at least a weekend trip two hours north of Phoenix to stay with my friend.)
    11. Improve mental well being through regular therapy sessions.
    12. Smile and laugh everyday!
    13. Try to discern what direction I would like to go college/career wise.

  29. After a lot of thinking my 13 goals for 2013 are:
    1. Take at least one picture a day and post it on my blog.
    2. Look for ways every day to let my family know I love them.
    3. Study the Bible daily
    4. Get 1500mg of calcium and 1500 IU’s of Vitamin D a day more from food and sunlight than supplements.
    5. Walk the mountain 3 days a week and strength train 3 days a week.
    6. Log my food daily.
    7. Stretch at least once a day.
    8. Improve my fingerspelling and number signing skills.
    9. Add 3 new signs to my ASL vocabulary a week.
    10. Take the continuing ed digital photography class at school this semester.
    11. Drink 8 cups of water a day.
    12. Take fewer sick days at work this year.
    13. Look for one way every day to improve my marriage.

  30. Catrina W. says:

    My 13 in 13 finally, now that I am over the flu…
    1. Organize my house, declutter.
    2. Write on an index card something From each day and drop it in a jar. Currently writing Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare.
    3. Drink 4 bottles of water a day before anything else.
    4. Walk the dog even if I dont want to.
    5. Go to the gym (After flu is gone)
    6. Tithe more
    7. Eliminate fast food. Sorry Muchas Gracias…
    8. Save money in a rainy day fund. (bigDandBubba.com has a great savings stratagy)
    9. Make sure I make it to church. I need the fellowship.
    10. Be a better friend to my friends.
    11. Keep the house cleaner. Stop being so lazy.
    12. Make sure to tell the people I love that I love them!
    Daily quiet time W/ God.

  31. Thanks for this wonderful idea! I was having trouble getting going on goal setting, but this hit the spot. Thanks for the constant inspiration that you are of a positive attitude and healthy life. Much love!
    This is my blog post with my goals–http://www.cgdickson.com/2013/01/11/thirteen-goals-for-2013/


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