Biggest Loser Ranch Grocery List!!! :)

Hey guys!!! So I posted on my FB that I wanted to share the ranch grocery list with you all!! E-mailing it out to EVERYONE is just too time consuming, so I hope this helps and everyone who wanted to receive it, does!!!! This should be very helpful!

TJ stands for Trader Joe’s and WF stands for Whole Foods. Of course, if you don’t have these stores near you (we don’t here in NW Indiana!), you can find almost all of these products at a local grocery store OR online!!!!

PLEASE REALIZE that this is very much common sense for a lot of you, but as you see…living a healthy lifestyle is NOT hard. These things are so simple to find and prepare, but sometimes we forget how simple it can really be! I hope this is a good reminder!

Also, PLEASE REALIZE that the items that say “organic only please” DO NOTTTT have to be organic! They had to be for us at the ranch b/c we were on a VERYYYY strict diet for a very competative weight loss show. For everyday life, you do NOT HAAAVE to buy organic! It’s more so to keep any pesticides out of your system if possible. BUT any fruit or vegetable will do…please realize this!!! You certainly do not have to spend more $ to eat and live a HEALTHY lifestyle. I would recommend organic if possible, but surely not necessary! :) 

Best of luck to ALL of you and congrats for taking the first or next step in your journey to better health!!!


Biggest Loser Ranch Grocery List


  1. How many people is this for and for how long? Weekly, bi Weekly etc?
    Love seeing the list. Gives me ideas of healthy food to add to my list!

    • thanks courtney the grocery list is a big help when i started my journey i was over a 100 lbs overweight now i have about 40 more lbs to go an it seems like it wants to stop i no i will get their i will figure the rest out u r amazeing young lady

    • Hi Courtney thanks for posting all this brilliant info. Looking forward to having half an hour free in the next couple of days to take it in and digest it. Is there any chance you could add the ‘subscribe to my blog’ widget from your WordPress tools menu? That way we can all be sent an email as soon as you post a new entry. You were my inspiration on the show. You’re my role model (even though I’m male). Richard xxx

  2. laurina merrithew says:

    thank you so much for this. I have a WF 2 blocks from my house. Luv you!

  3. thanks, court!!

  4. Thank you so much! You are such an inspiration! :) I am so happy for you!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! You’re right – it is simple. Any chance you’d be willing to share 2-3 of your favorite recipes using a few items on your grocery list? That would be AWESOME! :)

  6. Thank you! Now if only you could give meal examples!

  7. Hi Courtney
    Thanks, as always, for being such an amazing resouce and such a support for anyone and everyone. I have a question, though. You said that items on the list that are indicated as “organic only” don’t have to be organic, and that they were organic on the ranch because of the competitive environment on the ranch. I always thought organic was more about avoiding pesticides that may have been sprayed on the crops. Does organic actually make a difference when it comes to losing weight?

    Thanks again. Hope you’re having fun with Alex or at least planning your next visit with him. :-)

    • You should read Jillian’s “Master Your Metabolism.” It goes into all the details of how chemicals affect our weight.
      Jennifer B.

      • Which makes me wonder why some of the items on the list (and that they advocate on the show) are packed with chemicals (see butter spray, Smart beat fat free mayo, fat free cheese, reduced fat peanut butter etc). Just because something is lower in fat than the original doesn’t make it better for you. Most of the items on the list are fine but it confuses me why they recommend organic and then also recommend products with edta, preservatives, starches etc. Let’s not go into the sugar and salt added to give “flavor”. Read labels. If it has more than 5 ingredients reconsider it’s healthiness. We have enough toxins going into our bodies on a daily basis without it in our food. Sorry to be “negative”..I think it is so important that we are properly educated about “healthy” foods.

  8. Every time I think you’ve maxed me out with you’re awesomeness, you surprise me. Thanks hot ass!

  9. Anna Maria Westcott says:

    Thank you so much Courtney!!! Will help me to start working on me!!!!!!! :) Fan from Montreal, Quebec Canada xxxxx

  10. Thanks for posting this, you look great! Check out my blog when you get a chance-

  11. Excellent info to have. Thank you Courtney.

  12. Thank you Courtney!!! You are awesome!! and as always an inspiration! ;^)

  13. Thanks for sharing this Courtney,Iam happy to say that most of this list looks like mine.Although with alot less meat.I don’t eat red meat,but do eat alot of Tofu and Salmon.I also love that you all ate organic.While I know alot of people don’t,we try to buy mostly organic food for our family.I love the Wholly Guacamole and we get that at our Costco.Quinoa has become a family fav recently.I still have to try Truvia.I don’t really use sweetner or anything,but sometimes wish I had some for my plain yogurt.Iam a huge Greek yogurt fan.I love Chobani and Fage.I’d love some new Tofu recipes if you have any to share.We just started grilling it this summer.It’s yummy.Thanks for the on going inspiration! You are looking fantastic.Love your posts.Debbie in San Diego

    • Debbie, they didn’t do soy on the ranch. Jillian is militant about not eating any soy. It has been shown to mess with thyroid function, which is a problem among many overweight people.

  14. Thanks Courtney!! This should help a LOT!!

  15. eykisgirlie says:

    any chance of getting this in pdf form?

  16. tammy adams says:

    Thanks for posting that. I know you have a pretty busy schedule and travel. So what do you eat on the go and when your away from your normal routine at home??

  17. Courtney!!! Thanks doll face. Any meal ideas for someone new to the whole fish thing. Im trying but girl its not easy, lol. Love you and everything that you do. Stay positive. Its one of your most beautiful attributes. Xoxo

  18. Thank you so much for posting this list Courtney! It is super awesome that you took the time to do this and post it for us! It is such a huge help!

  19. Christine Leun says:


    You are so thoughtful for posting this list for us. It’s always helpful to have a guide to help us on our weight loss journey. Great information!

    I’m at 84 down, with 20.4 to goal and you have been a major inspiration to me!


  20. Is there any other place to read this grocery list? I have tried and tried to get my computer to read it and it just won’t!! I really look forward to the information! Thanks in advance for any help!


  21. Thank you for posting this. I know you get to meet TONS of people but I got the privilege of meeting you and your mom at the airport (I was the crazy awe struck fan :) ) I just wanted to share that I am getting ready to start my weight loss journey. I am actually going to be on the Central Illinois Biggest Loser program. I am so excited to have been chosen and to start this journey. Your grocery list will definitely help!

  22. Courtney,
    I am from Australia and started watching your season of the Biggest Loser at the start of the week. I have already watched 9 episodes and I am so inspired by you and the rest of the competitors! You particularly stand out for your postivie attitude – its so impressive. I am so excited to have found this site and can’t wait to read through it all to see your tips and hints. Congratulations on everything you have achieved to this point and keep the posts coming :) xx

  23. Tanx for posting some very good source..really look amazing.;)

  24. Tabitha M. says:


    I live in Northwest Indiana, there is a Trader Joe’s and a Whole Foods in Orland Park, IL, which only 30 min. from where I live. I go about twice a month and shop.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Hi Tabitha!! I LOVE Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and another place in Chicago called Mariano’s Fresh Market! Wish we had some a LITTLE closer to NW Indiana…although the drive is very worth it !!! :) Best to you and yours! Happy 2013!

  25. Thank you so much for this!! Will definitely start using it to help me with those 13 goals. ;) I appreciate you being so personable with EVERYONE and responding when you can, as busy as you are. :)

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