Activity Trackers That I Love!

It’s that time of year that everyone is wanting to get healthy and set goals for the new year! I LOVE that. I like calling them goals and solutions rather than a resolution. In my mind, I LOVE setting and hitting goals so that is what works for me!

I think the number one question that I get at the beginning of each year and even a lot throughout the year is, “What type of fitness tracker do you recommend?” And I really do love this question because I have used a LOT of things & I know what I am loving right now so I thought it would be a good time to share that!

Everyone has different goals that they are going for and different things they want to use their fitness trackers for. I think the range of the products below can help with anything you might be looking for!



1)   Jawbone UP24: I love this band! The sleek design looks like a stylish bracelet to me, but does so much more than just being “arm candy” ;) (haha). It tracks your steps, your sleep, your activity levels, and so much more. You can set the band to beep/vibrate at you if you have been sitting too long and the FREE UP app is super user friendly on smartphones. It syncs with MyFitnessPal and for me that is a MUST! I love that when others with bands add you, they are added to your “team”. I like the encouragement the app gives and overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting something to wear all day long, even when you are sleeping. It is a great option for anyone with an active lifestyle.



2)   Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor: Many times that people write me, they don’t really want all of the “extras” that some of the monitors come with. They just want something more basic that is super accurate and they can see on their wrist at all times. For those folks, I always recommend the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. This baby comes with a chest strap that is on you at all times when tracking. It is GREAT to track workouts and your heart rate & calories burned during a tough workout. You can also wear this while you are at work or on the go to keep track of your entire calorie burn for the day or even if you wanted to check what it was while grocery shopping for an hour, you can do that with it too. It is straight forward and to the point…and I love it! I have had mine for over 3 years now with no issues. I have replaced the battery once and I just got that on Amazon or you can get it at Walgreens!



3)   FitBit Flex: Although I have not used this product myself, my dad uses one and he loves it! The reason that I recommend this to people is because I know that A LOT of people use it, and sometimes people just want something that they know they will have accountability with and I’m almost certain you can always find someone else who uses a FitBit. It also has a FREE app that tracks your steps, workouts, and much more. You can also sync the FitBit Flex with MyFitnessPal, for those of you who already track your calories on that app.


I will update this if I use other products that I feel work better or would work for others! I am always open to trying new things, and love when new activity trackers come out so I can do just that! If you have any suggestions about the activity/fitness trackers that YOU love & you think I should try, just let me know and I will look into it! :)


Hope this helps you in 2015 & beyond!!!


  1. I just got a Fitbit Charge and I love it! I use it to track my steps, miles, calories burned. I can set alarms. You can also sync it with your phone and also on the fitbit website. you can also use it with my fitness pal. When you set the alarm, it will be a silent alarm.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Janet! A lot of people on FB have mentioned the FitBit Charge too! I am going to have to look into it! :)

  2. I have the Jawbone UP24 and LOVE it, it is linked to my health app on my ipohne 6 and My Fitness Pal, it is tremendous and will recommend it to all my friends.

  3. I got a Misfit flash at Best Buy for $25 and I love it…it tracks steps, sleep, etc…and it’s water resistant…

  4. Kris Wright says:

    I just got a fit bit charge for Christmas. New to it but so far I love it. I have been able to track my food and calories burned and my steps. I am learning. Didn’t know about the fitness pal crossover connection. But I’ll have to check it out.

  5. hi, what are your thoughts on the garmin vivo?

    • bl11courtney says:

      I haven’t tried it yet, but I have heard GREAT things about it!!

    • I have the vivo fit and I love it. When I did my research this and the body bug had the lowest percentile of error. It also syncs with my fitness pal on the free app and tracks your steps taken, steps left until your goal is reached, how many miles you went, calories and your sleep it also has a watch and date feature on it. I recommend it!

  6. Is the chest strap on the polar ft7 uncomfortable? I have the Fitbit flex and didn’t car for it. I didn’t think it was as accurate for my workouts. I tend to do the elliptical and it most times didn’t even recognize that I was working out. Also the battery doesn’t last long on it at all before it needs to be recharged. Thanks for your favorites.

    • bl11courtney says:

      I think the chest strap is fine! I don’t mind it at all. The first day it was just weird, but now that I am used to it, there is no issue at all! Love, love, love it!

      • I just bought a nice fitness tracker called the Misfit Flash. It was on sale with a coupon at CVS for 49.00. It is a neat fitness tracker that is waterproof, links to My Fitness Pal, easy to assemble, no need to plug device in to sync, device just needs to be near your phone. This device tracks food, activity, sleep and you can link to friends in Facebook. Replace battery every six months! It’s very easy to install. Very user friendly.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Courtney! I got an UP24 for Christmas, and I love it so far. It’s pushed me to exceed my goals each day, and vibrates every 30 minutes I’m inactive, which is great. With the motivation from this little baby, I’ve pushed through my long-standing weight stall, and have begun to see movement on the scale again. However, despite all this, I was beginning to wonder if I’d chosen the wrong product, simply as everyone I know that uses a device uses a FitBit, so I don’t have the option of adding those folks to my team, which would have been nice with the FitBit. However, I will just keep doing what I’m doing, with the coaching of my cute little band. :)

    • bl11courtney says:

      I think you chose the right product! If you love it, that is what matters most!! The band itself gives you enough accountability (in my opinion) and I love it!! Keep pushing lady! You’ve got this!

  8. I just ordered the Fitbit Charge HR. It has all of the se features as the regular charge, but it also tracks your heart rate, so you get a more accurate calorie burn. Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. Mt fiancé just bought me the Jawbone UP24 for my birthday and had to return it because the small was a little too tight and the medium way too big & I was really looking forward to it! :(
    I’ll be purchasing the FitBit today and hope it’ll motivate me for a healthier lifestyle! :) love reading your posts, Courtney! Not to mention I’m a Hoosier as well (well.. I prefer myself as a boilermaker but you catch my drift) :)

    • bl11courtney says:

      haha, love that you’re a Hoosier! And I do catch your drift about the boilermaker ;) I went to IUPUI and was actually getting a Purdue Degree, but then I transferred to IU and now I’m officially a Hoosier! haha. Hope you have better luck with your fitbit!! xoxo

  10. I got the Jawbone Up24 for Christmas and so far I am loving it! I originally wanted the Fitbit but the Up24 seems a lot more user friendly to me. I Also love the way it looks, because like you said- it looks like a bracelet! I’m enjoying the motivation to try and beat my goals on the app and hope this will help keep me on track. :)

  11. Hope Hodges says:

    Just wanted to update. A friend let me sync my misfit to her phone and it’s amazing!! I really must find a way to get myself an upgrade on my phone! Thanks lovely ladies!!

  12. Tammy jakobsen says:

    I had the fit bit flex and just got the vivofit
    For Christmas, I like it a lot I just haven’t figured
    out how to sync with my fitness pal and I know I should be able to

  13. I just got the pivotal tracker for $12 and it comes with a free app. It is not waterproof but it tracks sleep, steps, calories burned, etc. and did I mention it is $12 for the year with a free tracker. When you renew you get a new tracker.

  14. Amy Blumentstein says:

    Courtney I freakin love you girl. I’m getting ready to start my weight loss journey and its a little scary. But seeing you and how positive you are helps give me the push I need! So I just want to say thanks!!

  15. I just got a Polar Loop w/ the Polar H7 heartrate monitor. It’s on the computer charging, and I’m setting up my account. I’m excited to use it, and to join your challenge!

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