Exciting New Activity Tracker & A Fun Giveaway!!!

Guys! You know how much I love ALDI! I basically share about it weekly on my FB page. Alex makes fun of me because I go there (almost) every single day. I’m not kidding. I live about 2 minutes from our ALDI and I stop there before I go home from work to grab whatever veggies we will need for our meal that night. So needless to say, I feel that I know the ins and outs of the store & always notice if there are new products!

THIS product is one that I am SOOOO excited about! I know most people think about saving money on food at ALDI, but I have noticed so many other great things at the store I shop at. There are always great healthy living products if you just look! The “Special Buy” items are my favorite and are available for a limited time only! And the reason I am writing this blog is no different. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!

One of the top 5 questions I get about healthy living is what activity tracking device I use. I have used so many different ones throughout the years. Some I have loved, some I haven’t. And I’ve been pretty vocal about the ones I love & ones I don’t. Well, on May 6th, ALDI will now have a brand new Bluetooth activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and diagnostic scale as Special Buy items! YES! AT ALDI!!! And you know ALDI is known for its wonderful prices, & this is no different! You get all 3 Bluetooth items (each sold separately) for only $104.97. The activity tracker alone would be that with any other brand.

Bluetooth scale, heart rate monitor, & activity tracker!

Bluetooth scale, heart rate monitor, & activity tracker!

ALDI sent these products to me to test out & share with you all whether I loved it or not. I have been using this product for the past week & I must be honest with you…it is one of the best devices I have used! It is a Crane product & it has its own app just like other brands & it is so easy to use! I love that it all connects right to my phone, which is something that is important to me especially when I’m on the go (and I usually am). You can also wear it as a watch or clip it on if you don’t like the watch look. The armband I got came with both a black armband AND an aqua armband (duh)! I love it!!!

The activity tracker tracks daily steps, distance, calorie deficit, & also has a sleep tracker. You can set up to 3 alarms on it for anything you might need as well. The battery lasts up to 7 days & you can easily charge it with a USB port that is included. If you want to wear the heart rate belt, you have that option too as it comes with the activity tracker. You can track your heart rate, training zones, duration of activity, distance covered, speed, and it even has GPS tracking. I use mine during workouts and absolutely love it. I think heart rate is so important when you are training.

Last but not least, the third part of this special buy is the diagnostic scale. I have to tell you, I am very particular when it comes to the scale I use. I have used the same scale for the past 5 years and I don’t like change very much so I was skeptical! But this scale is AWESOME!!! And I have never said that about a scale before. Just saying. It measures your progress with not only weight, but fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate (calories burned while inactive), and active metabolic rate (calories burned while awake). It weighs up to 396 pounds as well, just as an FYI!

SOOOO…as an exciting extra to all of this, ALDI has graciously agreed to give away one prize pack of these Special Buy items to one of YOU!!!!! :) All you have to do is leave a comment below as to why YOU want/need one of these! And then just SHARE this blog post on Facebook with all of your friends so they can come try to win a prize pack too! We must be able to see the share! It’s very simple & well worth it! The winner will be chosen on May 8, 2015.

If you go buy one of these bad boys, PLEASE tag me in the pictures! I would love to see you all using/wearing the same thing as I am to keep us accountable!

Good luck on the giveaway!!!! :) :)



Note: All of the products above are compatible with Apple iOS 5.0+ and Android 4.3+. Special Buy items are available for a limited time.


  1. These products are absolutely sick and awesome value!

  2. I would love to try this baby out! 40 yrs old this metabolism isn’t getting any faster!

    • bl11courtney says:

      It’s amazing!!! Wishing you the best on the giveaway & boosting that metabolism!! Trust me, I am doing the same right now too! woot!

  3. Melissa Garno says:

    I love Aldi, and I am in the market for an activity monitor!

  4. Seriously that’s awesome! I love all of their products. I’m there all the time and I don’t really shop many other places! I’m so getting one!

    • bl11courtney says:

      You will love it!!! Good luck on the giveaway!! But either way, I KNOW you’ll love the activity tracker! I’ve actually never seen a scale this cool before either! What woman would ever say that?!?!

  5. bl11courtney says:

    LOL! Of all of the people to comment first, I never thought it would be you babe since you’re at work! Love you!!! Glad you love it as much as me :)

  6. I love Aldi products! The combination of functions provided by these makes me like them even more- l wi be checking them out for sure!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Good luck on the giveaway!!! And if you don’t win it, at least it’s still an awesome price for all 3! And I promise…totally worth it!!!

  7. Joan Daniel says:

    I would like to win this to get started on my weightloss journey with. Thanks Courtney!

  8. Michelle Harris says:

    i have PCOS and diabetes and am trying to get healthy. I am walking and watching what I eat. Thank you for this opportunity.

  9. angela 313 says:

    I LOVE Aldi’s too!.I’ve been thinking about getting a monitor, Thank you for your awesome review.

  10. This is fantastic! We love Aldi! And would love to try this new tracker, but this scale sounds awesome!

    • bl11courtney says:

      It’s all awesome!!! I love that it all connects right to my phone w/ no issues..super simple to use!

  11. Heather Gabbert says:

    sweet prize pack! I’ve had the same scale for 7 years. It was supposed to tell me my body fat %, water weight, BMI and it never did. Slowly over the years all that extra stuff stopped working . I have to get on it a few times before it tells me the right weight !

    • bl11courtney says:

      Well sounds like you need a new scale!!! :) Wishing you the very best!

      • I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 8 years now. YES, 8 YEARS!! I’ve had ups and downs and hills and valleys. I’m not at my weight loss goal yet, but I’m getting there. These products would help to keep me motivated and even inspired.

  12. Brandi Snider says:

    I am having a difficult getting started with weight loss and getting healthy. I have a ways to go. Life keeps getting in the way.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Life only gets in the way if you let it!! Just take it all one CHOICE at a time & if one thing messes you up, it’s okay! You make the next choice a better one! You’ve got this!!! <3

  13. Christina stewart says:

    I need to track something other than my weight! It would be great to see a number go down other than that darn number in the scale!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Absolutely!!! The number on the scale is definitely not the end all be all! I love all of the other functions this has :)

  14. Aldi has always been one of my favorite places to shop. Their organic selection just keeps growing and you can’t beat the price!

    • I would love a scale tracker set that syncs up wirelessly so I can always be able to see my progress.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Amen, sista! I love their produce which is why I am always there!! They have really stepped their game up & I love it! I also love their Simply Nature line…all organic!

  15. I would actually love to give this to my daughter who is 22, and about to head off to college. She works out daily and is trying to be as healthy as possible. This would be a great thing for her to have at school to aid her in her weight loss journey.

  16. I love Aldi! I do ALL our shopping there! They have great quality products so I am sure these will be great too! I really need a new scale & would love to have a fitness tracker.

  17. Jennifer Medina says:

    Omg!!! How cool is that! I really need items like these to keep track of my steps, fat percentage,and especially water percentage. Let us know how they work for you!!!

  18. Sheryl Goetz says:

    I have only been to Aldi’s a couple of times but know that we doing more shopping there in a few months. We are relocating from CA to OK. Would love to win this.

  19. Kim Donal says:

    I would love to have something like this. Sad to say I will not be able to purchase one due to my funds not allowing me. But good luck to all….

  20. Samantha Peterson says:

    I love aldi!! I would like to win this item because I am having the HARDEST time finding a good activity tracker!! Every one that I find either busts or doesn’t correctly calculate burn- I mean 60 minutes of crossfit and only 10 calls burned?!?!? Nope!!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Ugh! My old activity tracker used to do that during CF too! I am like…I work harder than I’ve ever worked in CF but it says that walking burns more! No way! haha

  21. Laura Wining says:

    This is such a great deal! My husband is out of work right now and I’m wanting to get back into working out and eating healthier but it all comes with a price. This would be so nice!

  22. I’ve heard more and more about the great products available at Aldi’s for those of us trying to eat healthy. I have got to get over there! I am always trying to eat better and get healthy, I’m not there yet but I’m trying. These new products would be a great help. I would love to win them.

    • bl11courtney says:

      You really do need to head to Aldi! They have REALLY stepped their game up! Their produce section is hard to beat with prices & quality & I LOVE their Simply Nature line which is all organic products!

  23. Love Aldi
    I need all the help I can get

  24. bailey-Ann says:

    I have used a Fitbit tracker for about 6 months before the band broke and I lost the Fitbit. Since I do not have the money to replace it I have not used another tracker. I was doing so well, getting my steps and tacking my sleep. I loved reaching goals and marking my accomplishments. Since not using it, I have stabilized in my weight and am looking for a new one to help me reach my goals before my wedding. Since my fiancé and I are paying for our wedding ourselves, we don’t have expendable income right now to replace my Fitbit. This would be such a blessing for my weight loss journey. At my heaviest I was 430 pounds and I currently weigh 295. I want to be 230 by my wedding.

  25. i just started shopping at Aldi and I love it. Such a great place to get things you need and things you didn’t know you needed!

  26. Would love to try an activity monitor maybe that will get me going to lose the 100 pounds I need gone

  27. Jody Thompson says:

    I love shopping at Aldi, they have such great prices! I have been considering getting an activity tracker so this would be perfect!

  28. Missy Sweet says:

    I would love to win this very much. My Body Media arm band needs replacing, and parts are no longer available and I am getting tired of gluing it back together, lol. I have been comparing for purchasing in the future , but winning would be awesom! !

  29. Heather B says:

    I would love to win this. I was telling myself today that i need to make this change and this post was a blessing!

  30. Heidi Daren says:

    I’ve been looking at other trackers lately…good to know there is a less expensive option! I love Aldi! :)

  31. I love Aldi I shop there at least once a week. I would love to win this product. I think it would motivate me to lose so weight.

  32. I am 28 and a mother of one, we are ready for another kid, almost. I just really want to get healthy before getting pregnant again. Anything to help with that would be awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  33. Melissa Cooper says:

    I have started a weight loss journey and I don’t have any if these things so winning this would be wonderful. I think it would help me a lot!!!

  34. I love Aldi I shop there at least once a week. I would love to win this product. I think it would motivate me to lose some weight.

  35. I need this whole set of new “toys” to help me take off the 30 pounds I have regained. Thanks Courtneyfor the chance to win them!!

  36. i would love to use this!!! I love that the scale does so much more than weight- especially the weeks you build muscle, lose fat, and don’t see s change in the numbers!!! This would be awesome!! (And I LOVE ALDI)!!!!!

  37. Stephanie Schraer says:

    Such a good deal! I need a new scale.

  38. Jen Christy says:

    I love Aldi as well. I go 2-3 times per week. I am so excited about the organic product they have started to carry the last 6 months at my local store. I have lost 30 lbs since January and my goal is a steady 2 lbs per week. This will help me be able to reach my goals. Looking to lose 175 lbs total, but taking it 2 lbs at a time. As I lose weight I am more inspired to help others and I can see the scale helping me help others. Thanks Aldi and Courtney for doing this giveaway!

  39. I would love to win one of these! I think I need to see just how much I move in a day to really encourage me to move more!

  40. Michelle Rickert says:

    I personally love Aldi and only live a couple minutes from on of their locations. I go there often for fruits and veggies, they have great prices! Among many other things. I am excited they are going to offer these products and can’t wait to try them!

  41. Rebecca Krumsiek says:

    How awesome!! Starting my journey again for the millionth time so to speak and need all the incoruagement I can get and using products that someone like Courtney Crozier is using is a privellage. Just started shopping at Aldis due to her FB posts and IG posts.

  42. We shop at Aldi every time we go grocery shopping and we LOVE it! I would love to try out their new fitness tracker!

  43. I need one of these awesome sets!

  44. Melissa Yeaste says:

    tgese are exciting! I use a Fitbit now, but it’s kind of awkward. I love that these all coordinate with the phone. The scale sounds awesome! I’d love to have a new scale!!

  45. I’d love one! Having five kids, two of which are 2 and under, I don’t hardly do anything for myself, tracking something to see how I am doing would be great!

  46. I’ve been a college student for the past two years and have lived a sedentary lifestyle because of all the studying. I am graduating in May and hope to get back in shape–winning this would certainly help!!!

  47. Mandy Bradshaw says:

    I could use these tools as motivaton & accountability during my weight loss journey! They would definitely get used! I too love Aldi and shop there every week! Thanks for sharing!

  48. i shop here every week! Great buys at a great price! My little nephew calls it All Days!

  49. Emily Salyers says:

    I would love to have these products. I think they would really help me succeed in my new weight loss journey. I have about 100 pounds to lose and need all the help and motivation I can get!

  50. I LOVE Aldi! There are two here in Topeka. I’d love to win anything that can help me on my weight loss journey! I’m at my heaviest weight and am the unhealthiest I’ve ever been, but I’m working on turning that around!

  51. Awesome! I have wanted one for a long time!

  52. I would old to try the new devices as I follow my journey withweight loss. Love Aldi

  53. Nickole Brown says:

    This would be amazing. I need a new tracker anyways as mine went through the washer. Maybe this would get me back on track easier. It is hard to know what you are doing in a day without the proper equiment. I shop often at our local Aldi and hope to see more fitness stuff there.

  54. I have been struggling with losing weight and i really think these items would help me along this fitness journey

  55. Annette G Allen says:

    I need something to help me track my progress and help keep me motivated.

  56. Lori Neumeier says:

    i am a loyal Aldi shopper and love there fresh fruits and produce. I am also an avid fitness person. I have always wanted to try an activity tracker but just did not know which to try , not to mention the price of some on the market. Would love the chance to win one.

  57. Please pick me!!! I really could use this as I’m struggling to stay on task with exercise. I recently had to go on FMLA to help with my daughter she is going through a rough time. We were going to a trainer but that being said had to cut out expenses. I know how important exercise is to your mental health. I believe this would be awesome as I’m saving to get a tracker for daughter for 16 th bday. Please I would be a very thankful Mom!! I also have an Aldis right by me and I ❤️ . The produce and fit and active brands are my staples.

  58. Would love one of these! Love Aldi! Been doing low carb since January but I just joined the gym. This would be great motivation!

  59. Carmela Kieffer says:

    I would LOVE to win this. Not for me but for my daughter. She is 14 and has been struggling with her weight. This year she has resolved to get out of the Plus size clothes and is doing awesome. 20 lbs so far. These would be wonderful to help her track activity and her weigh-loss progress.

  60. I love Aldi. I have been trying to save up to get a tracker and have been trying to get healthier so I can keep up with my kids.

  61. I am a single mama of two awesome, energetic kids, and I work swing shifts to support them. Needless to say, I find myself dragging a little throughout the week. Would love to be able to keep track of my calories during midnight shifts, and track my sleep so I can stay healthy and keep up with my littles. :) thanks for the shot!

  62. I would love to win this!!

  63. I love our Aldi store! Being able to have affordable produce and healthy options has been so beneficial to me losing 50 pounds in the last 10 months. My daughter gave me a tracker for Christmas that came off my wrist last month without me noticing and was never found :(. I have not been able to afford to buy a new one, so I would be thrilled to win this, and use it to help me achieve my goal of losing 25 more pounds!

  64. I love Aldi’s and I would love to try one of these out – sounds awesome!

  65. I would love to try it. Just had a baby and trying to get back on track.

  66. Nahtanha says:

    My husband and I always shop at aldi! Love their fresh produce! I don’t have a tracker so this would be an awesome win!

  67. Jennifer flores says:

    I love aldi also been shopping there with my mother since I was 17 yrs old .I so would love to win one of these I would benefit one if these things since its hard to count my calories and I would also love to track my sleep …so with that I hope I am a lucky winner

  68. Eva Ramirez says:

    Working on making healthier life choices and would absolutely love to try! I’ve been using the fit bit for a couple weeks now and seems beneficial. A lot of the other tools seem a bit costly. I would love to try!

  69. This sounds like just what I need to help me keep on track with leading a healthy lifestyle. Aldi’s is my go to store!

  70. I was just saving up to buy another brand. This is an awesome price!!!

  71. Kristyn cunningham says:

    I would love to have one of these because I just started my weight loss journey again (started yesterday) I’m calling it “project life change” ;) . This time I’m doing it for good. I have never had an activity band/tracker and would love to use one. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  72. Jamie Dickey says:

    I would love to get these and try them out. My weight loss has been going the wrong way since I had some health issues last year, these could only help.

  73. Tracie B. says:

    I started my weight loss journey last July and have been going to the gym a lot more now that I’m starting to feel healthier. I would love to win these to keep myself on track and accountable. I love Aldi’s as well!! Love their prices on fruits and veggies.

  74. I would love to try out this! I have 100 pounds go lose and need some motivation help. So many health issues dealing with. Thanks.

  75. Crystal Mikuly says:

    My husband and I are currently dieting. He uses a Fitbit, but I don’t have one :( I would love an activity tracker of my own :)

  76. I could use the motivation to keep moving for sure. I love Aldi. They save my budget all the time.

  77. Crystal C says:

    I love everything I’ve ever bought from Aldi’s. I’ve found some great deals on the special deal items and for various seasons/ holidays. I’d love to try out their items. I do have a fitbit already, but would love to try out the scale.

  78. Traci Nelson says:

    I wish we had an Aldi near us, would love to win

  79. I started my weight loss journey about a year or so ago and am down 35 lbs. With my husband on disability, finances are a concern, which makes Aldi a wonderful choice. Having a tracker would be so helpful. Although the price is great comparitively, it will take me quite some time to save up for it.

  80. andrea Gabehart says:

    I would love to try these!! I have been researching heart rate monitors and this wouldbw awesome! Love Aldi too! Just started shopping there anout 3 months ago because I seen Courtney post about the store and I loved it!

  81. Alison Reitz says:

    Would LOVE to try this out!!! I need the motivation!!!!

  82. Tami Silva says:

    I have had a lot of life changes this past year and have gained back the 30 pounds I had previous my list due to the stress (and some mild depression) I have had due to the changes. I have just started a new job and I am wanting to get back to bring healthy! I have wanted a tracker for awhile but don’t have the extra money to spend on myself and get one, so this would be an awesome opportunity for me!! I love Aldi by the way!!

  83. amazing!!!! Love Aldi’s prices!

  84. Cindy Simmons says:

    i was just at Aldi yesterday to get all of my food for the week and meal prep. Back to the grind this week, good luck to all!

  85. Matthew Gast says:

    I’ve been a big supporter of Aldi since the early 90′s when they first opened up on Calumet Ave in Valparaiso. I can remember shopping there with my mom and she always bought me a cream soda. It was my favorite even though it came in a pink can. I wish they would do a throw back aldi day and bring that back. I’ve pretty much have had everything Aldi has to offer over the years. They do have the best string cheese, cottage cheese, cheapest milk, cheese Danish, pot stickers, crab Rangoon, spaghetti sauce, fresh fruit, fresh meat. Just to name a few. I’m just a low tech guy living in a high tech world. Getting this prize would definitely be substantial. My wife tells me that I need to lose the gut. Maybe this will make me wanna turn on sweatin to the oldies and prove her wrong.

  86. I’ve been thinking about getting a new heart rate monitor, and I love all the features on the Crane. And the fitness tracker looks like it has all the features of that “other” one at at a fraction of the price. What a great trio.

  87. i have been wanting a new scale that also gives body fat percentage. So many had bad reviews. Maybe this is the one I need?!?!

  88. bridge2healthylife says:

    In the market for a new activity tracker. Have only used Fitbit but would like to try something new. We don’t have Aldi’s in Utah so if I don’t win is this something that could be ordered online?

  89. Janel Mendoza says:

    I LOVE Aldi! The nearest is an hour away, so I don’t get there as often as I would like. However, it’s my family’s first choice for groceries. I am starting a new healthy lifestyle, so these products would really help me out!

  90. I love Aldi. I have not been able to shop there in years because where I live there is no Aldi chain, which really bumbs me out. I’ve been struggling with my weight for 20 years and am in the mindset now to finally lose this baby weight after 6 kids. Something like this could help change my life!

  91. I ♡♡♡♡ Aldi’s ~ it’s soooooo addicting, especially to a bargain hunter like me!!!!

    I need to win this!

  92. Rhonda Feldpausch says:

    I just had my miracle baby in January after a miscarriage in 2013. I love her so much and need to get healthy for myself as well as for her. I now have something wonderful to live for and it is my baby girl!


  94. I am very excited to hear that Aldi is going to have these. An activity tracker has been on my wish list for a while now but the ones on the market are expensive. This option sounds like a great bargain & it does everything the others do! I’d love to win!

  95. i need a new tracker as my last one of two years was accidentally washed. If I am not lucky enough to win one I will have to make a trip to Aldi’s to get one.

  96. Becky Tauer says:

    I too shop at Aldi and love it! Their produce is always fantastic and I love their special buys! I have purchased bath towels, kitchen towels, gardening tools and the list goes on. I was thinking of purchasing a Fitbit but your review of this product may make me change my mind! I have just started getting into exercise/counting calories again and this would definitely help me attain goals and keep on track! Thanks for sharing!

  97. This winter has been rough and I have gained back 10 of the 30lbs I lost in 2014. These would be a great motivator to get back on track!

  98. Candice Fuller says:

    I would love to win this! I love Aldi and have diabetes so I really need to get this access weight off.

  99. Ooh, does the scale connect to other fitness fitness bands? Hubby wants an aria scale and i want a ban for my daughter. So we can do more family competitio

  100. Sounds like an awesome deal. My sweet husband had a heart attack last week. So we are trying to improve his eating and active level.

  101. Catherine Dupuis says:

    This would be awesome for me for the past 15 years I have been struggling with my weigh Being a single mom of 2 and not able to work I try working out daily and try eating healthy. But I can’t afford a scale to check my weight so I depend on my dr appointments every 3 months to see if I lost any weight. Being 29 and weighing 210 lbs and trying to chase after a 6 and 7 year old is rougH. If I could keep track of my weight and my activity level I believe it could really benifit my health so I can be happier and healthier and my kids could be happier if their mom could have more energy to play with them.

  102. As a full time student, mother & wife I’m always on the go. These would help me, help myself. As a bigger mom it scares me to really think about my health…my kiddos need me!
    P.s. Courtney you are amazing! Your strength and determination is helpful to me when I really struggle!

  103. I would LOVE to have these products! I’m (slowly) on the road to becoming healthier! First step was joining Young Living, and now I’m wanting to go further by trying to eat healthier (whole foods) and lose weight once and for all! I just turned 40 on Sunday, so I think it’s about time that I get myself into shape! :)

  104. Jeannie Nowarita says:

    Thank you for sharing about this Courtney! I am actually in the market for a new activity tracker so this is right up my alley! What a great deal!

  105. Amanda Steiner says:

    It would be a great opportunity for me to win this prize pack. I’ve struggled with my weigh my entire life and have decided that 2015 is going to be my year of change! I am tired of being unhealthy and tired all the time. A year ago I was diagnosed diabetic and I’m scared of all the complications that un-managed diabetes can bring. This prize would kick start my weight loss journey to better health!

  106. ElizabethB says:

    I lost the weight a few years ago and then through some tough times gained it back. I’ve started eating better with the help of Aldi and I’d love a great fitness tracker and scale to help track the progress! I want o eat cleaner!

  107. Monique Little says:

    Where do I begin, lol? I am a lifetime member of WW, but the weight is creeping back on. I need both a new scale and a new fitness tracker. I have an OLD SCHOOL BodyBugg. Time to upgrade!

  108. I would love to try this product package , I’m a WW Lifetimer, lost 100#… have gained a lot back and feeling miserable…having a hard time making the scale go down :(

  109. Have you tried the HRM with any apps other the the ALDI one? I’m curious if it’s good enough to use for HRV (heart rate variability) and if there are any connection issues with third party apps (MapMyRide, Strava, etc)

    I was tempted by the fitness tracker price, but lack of connectivity to other apps makes it pretty much a non-started for me, as well as the fact that it’s not even rated to be worn in the shower. I ride in the rain far too often :)

  110. I would love to try the band and track my fitness.

  111. These would definitely give me a much needed boost in my efforts to continually improve my weight & health! I found your blog this morning through the Whole30 site :)

  112. Erica DiBella says:

    I love this! I am starting my weight loss journey, finally putting my health as a priority. My kids and husband are always number one and a recent health scare made me realize if I don’t make myself a priority then I won’t be around to take care of them. Sounds so cliché but it is so true!

  113. Stephenie says:

    i have a different issue than most who don’t exercise or at least try to. I was in a major car accident that has caused me to have 8 reconstructive surgeries to my face. I have chronic migraines, I’m missing the bone directly under my right eye which has been replaced with an implant, and I have 2 compression fractures in my back…there’s much more like I’ve had my upper and lower jaw broken and re broken several times. That said, anytime I exert any energy, my pulse rises to over 199, and that’s only at a normal to slight fast walk. I just turned 41 and I’m much larger that I’ve been in my entire life. I could use something like this to help me. I hope you consider me. Thank you.

  114. How do you find the accuracy of the activity tracker for steps counted? I got mine yesterday and seems to be high on steps. Although I do run after two little ones all day. Is inaccuracy to be expected from any wristband tracker?

  115. Jennifer says:

    I’m a new mom to a beautifully little man, I made a lot of progress prepregnancy to get healthy and now have lot of work to do. This would help my post pregnancy fitness journey!

  116. Gina M says:

    I would love to win these items because my goal this year is to get in better shape! I saw these items in their ad, and I was tempted to snatch them up!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  117. Gina M says:

    shared here–https://www.facebook.com/wild.orchid.33821/posts/488181864672623?pnref=story

  118. Im just now getting back into the whole weight loss thing! It would be great to have a couple of new toys to start off with! Things are SO expensive these day… not to mention healthy food is SOOOOO outrageous! :( Heres to weight loss!! :)

  119. Tiffany M. says:

    I was thinking of getting an activity monitor and I love Aldi’s!!!

  120. we need this. Love that the scale tracks information and sends to your iPhone.

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