Blogging in 2014! :)

Hiiiii my loves! Happy ALMOST 2014! For those of you who follow me on a daily basis, you know that I have had a HECK of a year (wouldn’t change that for the world!) with minimal time for anything “extra” to say the least! Blogging got put on the back burner, but because I am FINALLY finished with college now, I want to make blogging a priority in 2014! I LOVE being able to interact with all of you here & on all of my social media sites as it keeps me motivated and inspired too! I’m blessed to have the community & love that has been created on my pages & I just love you guys!!!

I really want to know what YOU want me to blog about this year!! Whether that’s videos, workouts, recipes, inspirational stories, daily stories, struggles, triumphs, things I’ve learned/continue to learn…ANYTHING! I just want and need your ideas to make this blog everything that YOU want & more!!! So please comment below & let me know what you’d like to see in 2014 that can help you, the entire community, and myself as well become better this year! I have a feeeling this is going to be one of the best years yet! I can feel it in my core! :)

Love you all & can’t wait to hear your ideas very soon!!


Court <3


  1. I’d love to hear your tips on getting started with exercise. Having lost about 100 pounds in the past year, and still having a ways to go, I’m REALLY out of shape, but it’s sooo hard to get started. How do you get motivated? Where to start? Walking? Swimming? Weights?

    Also, I love to see low-carb meal ideas, as I tend to run short of ideas.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Hey Amy!! You know I love you! :) If you look a few posts back (one of my first posts ever) I actually talked about the small steps I took to get started when I weighed closed to 450 pounds! Basically, I started off with walking & swimming & the NuStep because I was afraid to get on any machine & break it!! They have a NuStep at the Y in Valpo and also at Omni in Chesterton! Not sure about other gyms around here, but it helped me SOOOO much! The pool is also awesome cardio and great for starting out or anytime! And honestly…I tell everyone this…WALKING is the key to weight loss! Period. It is the best form of exercise in my opinion! And it is SO underrated! WALK TO CHINA & BACK as Jillian used to tell us! :) I will definitely write a post about walking soon!! XOXO

      • Thanks Courtney! Guess it’s time to break out my Bodymedia Fit and start counting those steps. I bought it, but have honestly never used it. Sad…

        I recently joined Omni in Chesterton, so will definitely look for the NuStep. I need to schedule my ‘evaluation’ soon with a trainer so I can get going!

  2. Hi! Courtney- happy new year!! What I’ve been struggling with lately is not eating enough. When I stress, I drink water etc but find I’m struggling to eat. An example- my husband was hit head on- he had a minor injury, car totaled , he went through knee surgery. He is doing well considering surgery was 12/26/13. I’m trying small meals- I’ve lost 48.6 pounds this year. Any suggestions? Thanks Karen

    • bl11courtney says:

      I know that feeling, Karen. Actually, I went in a point in my weight loss journey where I wasn’t eating much at all either & it actually back fired & gave me MANY more issues with losing weight than it didn’t. My body started holding on to the very little I DID eat because it was afraid that it wasn’t going to get enough. I have spent the last 2 years trying to reverse this, but it has NOT been easy. The weird part is, I never felt hungry and I never even felt like I wasn’t eating much…but in reality I really was. You MUST find your balance and it MUST be about overall health and not JUST weight loss, ya know? Maybe set an alarm on your phone for every 3 hours so you know that no matter what, even if you aren’t hungry, you will eat SOMETHING every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going and your body balanced. It is SO important!!! I wish I would have known this when I was losing weight while on the show! I wish you the very best, love!! I will definitely write a post about this too!

  3. I’d love reviews on health products from you! It could be anything from things in the bulu box you get to technology you use for working out and whatnot. I’d also love to see what sorts of workouts both you and Alex do! Maybe you could make workout videos together of just some short, at-home circuit exercises.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Love these ideas!!! I think fitness videos are important and Alex and I would LOVE to do that!!! Stay tuned!! And bring on any other ideas you have too!!! :) xoxo

      • Would love ideas on indoor exercise that can be done during these cold and dreary Midwest winter months. Tooooo cold to walk outside. Thanks.

  4. Hey Courtney! I love the #JustCrunchEm parties every week! I don’t always get to take part but I love reading the posts and stuff.

    My heaviest was 424 last April, I am down 41 pounds. It has been a rough slow go but I continue to go and learn what works for me. One of the things that I have changed is the way I see myself and treat myself. It drives me bonkers when I read or hear women knocking themselves down because of their weight. I get it, I really do. But why? Women need to learn even at their heaviest that they still need to love themselves. Love themselves enough to figure out what they need to do and what is going to work for them. There is so much fat bashing on tv, internet, in public that how can someone really survive it? I get it, I do, it is unhealthy.

    My vision of myself inside my head is not the same as the person that I see in the mirror or in pictures. But the person that I see is beautiful, has so much to offer the world and has one helluva smile. So, I guess my suggestion is positive self talk and self esteem building maybe.

    Thanks Courtney!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Hi sweet Dana! I COMPLETELY agree with you!! Loving yourself has no size, shape, or weight. When I was close to 450 pounds, I still loved myself! I actually made a video a few posts back about this 2 years ago. I might update it one of these days to make sure that everyone sees it!! I believe the only way to be truly happy is to have confidence and to love yourself! I’m proud of you that YOU work on these things…because unfortunately many people do not! :( Hope you have a wonderful new year and stay tuned for some new blogs!! xoxo See you at the JustCrunchEm parties!!

  5. Shaun Fraley says:

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how to get over hurdles with emotional eating and self sabatoge. Also, I have lost over 100 pounds but gained some back. Is this normal?

    • bl11courtney says:

      These are awesome topics and I am writing them down as we speak to make sure they are on the list for my next few blogs! I will tell you now though, that losing 100 pounds and gaining a little back is part of this journey…which is why it is called just that. I lost 232 pounds and I am sitting at about 200 pounds lost right now. I have put 30 pounds back on BUT some of it is muscle (18 lbs of that) and the other 12-15 pounds is just from making mistakes and honestly just living a normal life. No one is perfect and we all mess up. We have to find things that work for US and that is not every fad diet out there. This is about a LIFESTYLE and each of us lives a different one!! The main thing is that you don’t hold a grudge against yourself for gaining a little. Because you know how to lose it, but ultimately to be the healthiest you! Now it’s just about applying it. I need to do the same and that is a huge goal of mine for 2014! We are in this together! And I am rooting for you!

    • Shaun Fraley says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I remembwr watching you on hulu every week and crying because of how amaIng your attutude is. You inspure me so much and have helped me to lose the weight I have due to that ispirarion. Thank you.

  6. Denise Yarbrough says:

    Hi Courtney! I would love to hear how you switch up your diet. I am soooo tired of the same foods. Also ideas on things that satisfy you with out breaking the calerie bank. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Great idea, Denise!!! I think food is most of the battle for a lot of us!! So I will DEFINITELY make this part of my blog!! :) xoxo

  7. Monica Brooks says:

    I would love to see some blogs on balancing life (working full time, raising a 2 yr old, being a wife and working out) and not feeling guilty for taking time for myself. My husband is military and we just relocated to NY this year. So this last year has been about readjusting to a new place, without family and friends has resulted in me throwing myself into work. Avoiding exercise all together. Would love tips on fitting it all in and some nutritional guidance. Thanks!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Great ideas, Monica!! I will definitely touch on these things in months to come! I think balance is the biggest part of this whole thing. I didn’t realize how much I really DO have balanced in my life until I just finished college. I honestly don’t know how I did it all while taking 18 credits, but it’s because I just created my balance. I think I could have been better with my workouts and food, but I’ve learned from that and it is time to move on and be better now! I could write a whole blog about this so I will!! Thanks for your ideas! Let me know if you ever have any more!!! xoxo Rooting for you!!!

  8. Maybe you could post some ideas on yoga for beginners. I would love to try it, but there isn’t much for someone who is losing weight and isn’t in the best shape. I would love to hear your thoughts on that! :)

    • bl11courtney says:

      Great topic! I am not very into yoga, but I was just telling my boyfriend that I want to start doing it once or twice a week! I think it’s so important!! I’ll see what I can come up with for this! :) xoxo

  9. Shaun Fraley says:

    What about an entry on eating quality over quantity? For over all health vs just weight loss.

  10. Hey Courtney,
    I love the #JustCrunchEm parties each week! Never thought I would be so excited for a Tuesday! Anyways I would love your advice and tips on like dealing with a unsupportive family with this whole journey on general, and things you can do when you have no control on the food you have In your house. Also with how not to get obsessed with the number and how many calories your eating! God I have so many questions sorry

  11. Hey Courtney,
    I love the #JustCrunchEm parties each week! Never thought I would be so excited for a Tuesday! Anyways I would love your advice and tips on like dealing with a unsupportive family with this whole journey on general, and things you can do when you have no control on the food you have In your house. Also with how not to get obsessed with the number and how many calories your eating! God I have so many questions sorry

    • bl11courtney says:

      Hi sweet Kenzie!!! Awesome topics love!! I will DEFINITELY touch upon these things…added to my list! YAY! :) Love ya girly!!! Just keep ‘em coming if you think of more! xoxoxo

  12. Hi Courtney !
    Follow you on Facebook and Instagram and I love all of your posts. I would love to hear more about balancing of life. I am a full time professional, full time student, processing a divorce. How do you handle all the balls in the air including diet and exercise with everything else ? You are an inspiration to so many people. I will follow you just about anywhere…. Happy 2014 to you and Alex !

    • bl11courtney says:

      Hello darling!!! Thanks for your kind words! Trust me…balance is SOO HARD!! I struggle with it too…but I ALWAYS feel my best when I do find my balance again! I will definitely write a post on this!! It might actually be my first! :) xoxoxo

  13. My resolution for 2014 is Love Thyself. I would love to see your comments and suggestions on ways to achieve this goal. I have already started affirmations repeating to myself the words “love Thyself” over and over especially when looking in the mirror and when negative feelings creep up. Ant other ideas?

    • bl11courtney says:

      Great suggestion!!! I just posted something on Facebook similar to this last night! :) Loving yourself is what brings everything together. Truly. I will DEFINITELY be touching upon this on my blog!! I actually have a video blog a few posts back about this too! ;) xoxoxo

  14. Hi Courtney! I loved that you posted a childhood photo of yourself today. I always dread seeing pictures of myself from those days but you just embrace it! You often talk about the importance of loving yourself no matter your size, but did you ever have to deal with people who bullied you about your weight when you were in school? How did you handle it? Being that you have a lot of young fans, I think this is a very blog worthy topic :)

  15. Hey Courtney, I have lost over 100 pounds and will soon need skin removal surgery… How did you know when you were ready to have it? What was the recovery like? Also just a thank you for being so real;) your freaking awesome and such an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with… Haters are going to hate, they’re just unhappy with themselves.

    • bl11courtney says:

      Thanks, love! You’re awesome!!! I had skin removal 2 months after I got done w/ the show because I KNEW I needed it. I couldn’t run properly without chaffing and I couldn’t even go in public without major compression on. I ended up having 31 pounds of skin removed and I still have 2-3 more surgeries I will need once I lose some more weight and feel as though I am where I want to be physically. Not a specific weight, just a feeling :) The recovery is definitely hard because you HAVE to stay still & not do much for up to 6 weeks (that’s how long my recovery was because I had 2 procedures at once). My boyfriend had the same surgery and he was in SO MUCH PAIN for about 2 weeks. For me, I was off the pain meds in 3 days and I felt fine! It made me crazy I couldn’t work out. But I just listened to everything the surgeon told me and it turned out fine! :) I wish you the absolute BEST!!!! Keep me posted on everything!!

  16. April Dawn says:

    Hi Courtney!
    I just adore following you on your blog and Facebook. You are such a happy inspiration to me. Your focus on loving the person you are and doing the things that make you happy is awesome. I love when you post about items/products that you tried and love on Facebook – maybe that could be a feature on your blog once a week or whenever? I also love any kind of “quick tip” – a quick exercise tip you can do at work or while watching TV, or a quick snack, etc. You are a girl on the go, so I think it would work for you! :-) Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

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