Brachioplasty & Battle Wounds! :)

Good morning, loves!!!

Just wanted to share the video I made yesterday about my brachiplasty and showing you my BATTLE WOUNDS! I show one of my scars on my arm so ya’ll can see what it looks like & what to expect if you do choose to get skin removal surgery at some point! Sorry it’s so graphic, but let me know what you think! <3

Also, keep leaving me feedback on what you want to hear about next!!!


Court :)


  1. I think you look AWESOME, especially since it’s been less than two weeks since your surgery, correct?

    Can’t wait to see you when you’re fully healed!


  2. I am so incredibly happy for you Courtney! You should be so proud of yourself and you said it best the scars are your battle wounds, and you won the battle. :) Keep being proud and happy. You are an inspiration. Your updates on Facebook and Twitter help keep me motivated in my own weight loss journey!

  3. Oh and PS. I really like the video blog set up!!!

  4. Wow, as always you are just so beautiful and spirited. I love how real and transparent you are. Thanks so much for sharing that with us. It looks like you are healing nicely. I would love to have a tummy tuck some day-I imagine that I will have lots of extra skin by the time I meet my goal of 200 pounds lost. I have to wait until I am done having children though.

    That’s a question: I know you are still young and have your whole future ahead of you, but did you ever discuss the effects of pregnancy on your skin/body with your surgeon? Is that even something that is on your radar?

    • Thank you so much!!! I try to be as transparent as possible b/c I feel that will help as many people as possible on this journey too!!

      I have questioned the surgery and pregnancy, but since I don’t plan on having kids TOOOO soon, it’s all okay. My scars will heal and I will be able to have children just the same :) xoxo

  5. Courtney,
    Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to keep all of us updated on your successes. I’m only my journey to lose 100lbs…and so far down 18lbs. Feels great, and I can’t wait until I can get to a point when I can put a little black dress, and some sexy high heels on…and be able to look in the mirror and feel beautiful! Doin this for me!
    Youre gorgeous! You, your mom, irene, hannah, and Olivia really made this the best season of BL yet. You all stayed conpletely true to yorselves and didnt just “play the game”. Your transformations were so much fun to watch!
    Keep the updates comin’ you truly TRULY are an amazing inspiration!

    Jamie :)

  6. Looking great! Not bad on the scar at all :).

  7. Thanks Courtney!! You are awesome!! I need to get back on my own journey and get serious about getting my own weight off! I love that you are such an open and bubbly person.. Willing to share every step of your journey. I can relate to u so well :-) great job girl! Congrats and God Bless!

  8. Courtney, I think the best bloggers are those who blog what they want to, how they feel in *that* moment, whatever comes from the heart. So, I don’t care what you blog about so long as it’s true to you.

  9. You are just such a cool and inspiring person. I loved watching and FEELING your positive attitude while watching this video. You are simply adorable and I am so happy you worked so hard to let people know that they can DO THIS! You are really delightful. What a cool video. I cannot wait to see where you go with your life. :)

  10. Hey there. Congrats again on your victory. Actually, the scar looks pretty good for only two week post-op. I work in a med-surge stepdown unit and believe me, I’ve seen far worse scars. Just keep following the docs’ instructions. Looking good girl.
    I’ve started working on my next 20 pounds but I think I’ve hit a wall. Any suggestions? I’ve increased my water intake just because of the heat, but I’m think I’m sweating more oft out than I’m taking in. Don’t have a clue.
    Anyway, that’s the news from mountaineer country. Have a great day.

    • Thank you so much for saying it looks good! I have nothing to gauge it off of, but I just know it’s pretty legit! hehe Try to up your intensity of workouts a little more, make sure you write EVERYTHING down that you are eating, and definitely keep drinking your water!! The numbers will start to drop again as long as you stay conscious about all that you are doing! xoxo

  11. Brian P. Hassell says:

    Courtney, you look fantastic!!! I tweeted you before, I’m the guy down 236 lbs, 142 lbs to get to my goal weight. Current weight 392, goal 250, surgery @300 lbs. What kind of antibiotics are you on? Are you on any anti coagulants? I am highly susceptible to infection, my blood has gone septic 4 times in the last 10 months, so I am high risk. What is the current stats on infection susceptibility from the surgery? Good job and keep us posted. You’re going to have to do a better job of trying to gross us out though. THAT WAS WEAK!!! ;D

    • Congrats on your amazing success, Brian!!! I am not on any antibiotics. I wasn’t high risk going into it though, but I have had weekly doctor’s appointments and everything is going great! Just make sure you talk a lot with your doctor about your problems before going into and it and they will be able to help you further! xoxoxo

  12. First off, You look fantastic. You’re so pretty and I love your energy and your positive attitude. :)

    Secondly, I’ve lost 63 lbs, and have 129 to go. But needing skin removal surgery has been something that I’ve used an as excuse to not lose the weight and I’m honestly terrified of ending up needing it and not being able to afford it. (no insurance). Every now and then I struggle with that fear and I think it holds me back at times. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Wow….congrats Amanda!!! Don’t ever let the fear of money hold you back from ANYTHING. What I’ve learned in life is that no matter what, things work out the way they are supposed to!!! It will all be okay just keep bettering yourself DAILY!!! xoxox

  13. Bianca Marie says:

    U look amazing!!! I loved watching you on BL & have been following you ever since. I started on my journey on Feb 5, 2011 & today I lost another 3 pounds, total of 39 pounds down since then. I rejoined the gym again that is right next door to my apartment building & have been working out for a few days now. Yesterday I was on the machines for an hour & then walked the track for forty mins. My arms are killin me today. But I know it’s a good sore :) I had a appt with my doc last week & she was telling me that when I get to a certain weight that she wants me to consider for skin removal surgery. I am so excited to see where this takes me. U are such an inspiration!!!

    • Congrats, Bianca!!! Just keep going one choice at a time. Cardio is so good for weight loss & also a few days of weight training!! Do your thing girl! xoxoxo

  14. Just re started my journey to lose 100lb. I think you’re all amazing on the BL. Thank you so much for sharing, it means so much. We’re only up to Season 9 so we’ll have a while to wait to see your group. Hopefully I’ll be well into my journey by the time Season 11 comes to the UK. Thank you again. All the best to you

    • Wow, congrats!!! Season 9 is a great season, but I am pretty partial to season 11! I think you will LOVE it…hehe :) Keep going one choice at a time and remember that there will always be ups and downs! But don’t let anything KEEP you down…ever!! xoxoxo

  15. Dorothy Young says:

    Your arms look really great. I had an abdominalplasty two years ago and my bracioplasty is scheduled for September 19th. My plastic surgeon has said that I can’t use my arms/hands at all for two weeks, but you are moving a lot. I have lost just over 200 pounds and have maintained for just over 2 years. I have gained about 20 pounds in the last two years, but I know what I have to do to get back to where I was.

    Congrats on the surgery and THANK YOU for giving me courage to face September 19th!

    • I didn’t even have a day that I wasn’t able to move my arms or hands!! I’ve been fine since the minute I got out of surgery so don’t be scared of that! :) CONGRATS on the 200 pounds!! AMAZING!!!! I know how hard it is, but soooo very worth it! keep going girl!! xoxox

  16. That is awesome!! It doesnt look bad at all and its only 2 weeks imagine how it’ll look in a month- 6months- a yr!! Congrats you deserve it for all your hard work!! I am working on losing 140 I’m down about 40 so 100 to go… I’ve lost my motivation but I’m trying to get back on track :) Your blogs and posts on FB really help!

    • So true! It’s so awesome to only be 2 weeks out & be feeling this great! :) Thanks so much for the encouragement!! and congrats to you on all of your hard work so far! One step at a time!!! xoxo

  17. So glad I found your blog, one thing that always bothers me with Biggest Loser is not knowing what happened with the people after the season was over! With you, I knew you would keep going though, you were so determined from the start.

    • There’s never a finish line for me and I hope there never is for anyone! This is NOT just a journey about weight, but bettering myself daily! LOVE it and will continue to live my life that way!! xoxo Thanks for your kind words!!

  18. Jennifer says:

    is there a point were the doctor says you dont have enough skin to do a surgery like you got? ive lost 125lbs have kept it off for a year without gaining a single pound back [ive actually lost 20 more pounds since last summer] my skin bounced back a bit but ive been wondering it since i heard you got yours. or is something like this strictly personal?

    • If you can lose all that weight and NOT have to have surgery…that’s awesome!!! I know Hannah from our season has like nooo extra skin at all and is very lucky! She probably won’t have to have surgery! I would wait a while too and if it’s already bounced back a lot, the longer you wait, the more it will probably bounce back! Congrats to you!!

  19. Courtney! You have been my favorite since day 1! I am SO unbelievably proud of you and you inspire me so much because I am just like you used to be. I am trying to shed these pounds and live my life but as you know sometimes it just gets hard. But seeing your arms and thinking that could be me one day, I could run to a treadmill this second!
    You are my idol and I hope to meet you at the Chicago auditions of BL but I don’t know!

    Quick question, will those scars ever fade? And can you shop at regular stores now??? I know you’re busy so I appreciate you making blogs and tweeting and everything. But know that you are giving me hope and hopefully in a few months I can show you my fine new self too!!

    Keep up the great work :)

    • Yes, the scars will fade! We have some great creams we’re using to make them go away and they are already fading 2 weeks out! So I’m happy!! Although I don’t mind the battle wounds hehe. And yes, I’ve been shopping at regular stores now, even before my surgery. Going into surgery I was a size Medium in t-shirts and shirts at like Old Navy, A&E, Target & such and was in a size 12 jeans! I’m curious to see where I am now after surgery!!!! I haven’t been able to wear anything but T-shirts and gym shorts since I’ve had srugery cuz of the drains, but as soon as I know where I am size wise and all that, I will post! Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK to you!!!! It is possible if you believe it is! I promise:)

  20. Courtney you are truley an inspiration to me and I know you hear that alot from people I am 25 years old and a mom of just 1 child after i had my daughter I weighed in at 306 lbs and I watchen you every week on the BL and used your inspiring words to go on a weight loss battle myself so far I have lost 75 lbs but still have 90 to go it eemes like a long way but I just continue to use your words as inspiration and I KNOW i will get there thank you so much…………

  21. Courtney, you are my favorite BL contestant! You are such an inspiration and always so positive! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are incredibly determined and wise beyond your years.

    • Thank you so much!!! I have the best parents in the world who have brought me up wonderfully and I am so grateful for that! But thank you for your kind words & please know that it keeps me going daily!! xoxo

      • randeye says:

        I also love that you respond to your fans!! I was just telling my sister the other day that you have the best mom (obviously I don’t know her, just from what I saw on BL). She didn’t watch this season, which is unfortunate, as in my opinion this was the best season ever! Everyone was there for the right reason. You and your mom were my favorite team. Keep up the good work!

  22. courtney, your positive attitude at ALL times is so inspiring! I have some questions for you just about your continuing journey that i would LOVE to get feedback from you on if you have the time! if you could email me at whenever you can i would be so grateful, keep up the good work, and most importantly … keep smiling! :)

  23. Oh look how tiny your little arms are! You look BEAUTIFUL Courtney!! I’m excited to follow along with your blog and congratulations on all you have achieved so far :-)

    I lost 130 lbs and was contemplating whether or not to sport my “bat wings” forever or not, but I also have the same situation on my inner thighs so I thought getting into the skin removal might be too extensive if I didn’t do it “all” but maybe not? Do you also have the inner thigh area issue?

    I’m currently on my journey losing my pregnancy weight since having my baby (where I gained far too much!) but I’m on my way back in a big big way!

    • Congrats on your 130 pounds lost!!! that is AMAZING!!! The BAT WINGS are sooo…annoying, aren’t they?! I mean, I know I could have totally lived with them if necessary, but it was becoming a medical issue for me along w/ my stomach area, so that’s why I got it done! I know it will help me continue on my journey of bettering myself daily! I know a few people who have had their inner thighs done and loved it!!! I haven’t gotten mine done and don’t think I will, as mine aren’t THAT bad. Good luck on YOUR journey and know that you can do it one choice at a time…you got it girl!!

  24. You look amazing, as you always have, I remember when I first saw you on TBL and that beautiful smile of yours. I am so happy that everything is working out and that you are healing well from your surgery. Thank you for sharing all of this with us and helping to inspire as well. You are amazing, Starla

  25. You look great! My ex mother-in-law ( I still love her) had a tummy tuck a few years ago & looks amazing. So I am looking forward to getting one myself, once I get down to were I need to be. Just wondering what are your limitations right now? What kind of restrictions are you on? Keep up the great work!!!

    • I can’t workout, can’t even walk around much yet. Just taking it easy. I am cleared to drive now though, since I’m off the pain meds. Just a loooot of sitting around and making sure the incisions heal the way they are supposed to!

  26. You look amazing! Looks like your doctor did a really good job. The scaring doesn’t look too bad at all and in time they will fade. Congrats on getting it all done. I wonder if I will need it when I am done losing weight too. My arms seem most likely since they already are kinda saggy lol. I guess only time will tell. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration.

  27. You’re looking great!! Hello for England :)

  28. Mary Ann Rupp says:

    I think that You were, are and will be a forever inspiration to so many others….. You look fabulous and am sure after ‘the removal’ heals, will feel even more fabulous. (btw… YOU ARE ROCKIN’ THE LITTLE CAP SLEEVE……. YAY!!!!!)

  29. Thank you SO much for posting this! This is exactly the procedures I want to get done. I am down 160, looking for about 25-30 more before having the surgeries, and I LOVED hearing you say it was WORTH it !! Thanks again!

    • It is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!! If it’s medically necessary for you, and not just for a “look” thing…I would recommend it to ANYONE who needs it! I’m only 2 weeks post op and I feel FABULOUS!!! I felt fab only a few days after!!! Good luck to you and CONGRATS on your success so far!! xoxoxo

  30. Linda Barlieb says:

    You look totally AMAZING COURT. can’t wait to see to see what you look like after you are totally healed. it’s taken me about 2 yrs to lose 42 pounds but I’m doing it slowly and keeping it off. Don’t want to take it off to fast and risk putting it back on. cause that’s what happened in the past with me I had gotten down to 175 and then Life got in the way and I went up to 237. i’m now 194.5 I’m getting ready to walk in my 2nd half marathon in Oct. Thank goodness it’s in OCT and not now when it’s so hot out you can barely breathe.
    How did you guys excersise when it was hot out or were you guys in the Gym. Keep up the good work. Hope all is well with you and Alex. Hope your Mom is doing well also. You guys are such an inspiration to all.

    • You go girl!!!! Slowly but surely ALWAYS wins the race and it’s the better way to do it anyways!! Congrats to you!! keep going 1 step at a time! And when it’s hot out, I workout at night outside…it’s about getting beyond ANY excuses and figuring it out!!! I would wait till the sun goes down and then get my tushy outside!! xoxoxo

  31. You are truly an inspiration to so many people. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You look amazing and I am sure you feel amazing. Keep inspiring us!! I know you inspire me.

  32. Courtney,
    I am so happy for you! You look Awesome!!
    My question for you is….
    I am at the point in my weight loss, (144 lbs. down) that I have all the hanging skin and it is killin’ me emotionally, I hate it! But I am not at the point yet to get it removed. How did you deal with it until it was time to remove it? It is sooo uncomfortable, especially exercising. It sucks cause you know that you made all this progress and you feel awesome, but then the hanging skin makes you not feel so much like a lady. If you know what I mean?
    Thank you sooo much! You are my hero! ;^)

    • I just kept pushing through it. For me, I never really cared so much about the look! I think the hardest part was that the skin honestly started to hold me back. I wasn’t able to run as fast as I knew I could run or for as long as I knew that I could because of all of the “flopping” haha! It is uncomfortable, but you just have to push through it. I kept doing that and got to a point where the skin wouldn’t let me lose anymore w/out getting it removed so I have gotten it removed and I think I’m going to be on a whole different level now. Just hang in there, keep pushing, and your body will know when it’s TIME for a little help from the surgeon. :)

  33. Michelle says:

    Congrats on your surgery, you look awesome!!! Find yourself a Pure Romance Consultant(, She is a great friend of mine and you can tell her I sent you to her as well. They have a Miracle Oil that works awesome to heal, I used it on my husband where he had some surgery done. It makes it heal fast and also minimize the scarring.. Again Congrats on your surgery.

    • Thank you!!! We have a great treatment we are using and I’m only 2 weeks out and the scars are very faded!!! I’m so excited about it. Thanks for your kind words and your help!

  34. Melanie says:


    I have actually been following your story since before BL on facebook. I can’t even remember how I found you on fb. Anyway, your whole story is amazingly inspiring. I started out at almost exactly your highest weight. I am down about 36 pounds right now and it is a struggle but your story inspires me so much and I really appreciate you being so candid and honest. then when I started watching Extreme Makeover WLD and saw Alex, I cried through his entire episode, because there were so many things I related to with him and to hear that you all have found each other is just unbelievable! Of course, now I cry through every episode of that because I can relate so well to each person on that show.

    I still have about 200 pounds to lose— I have alot of internal battle wounds, hopefully I will have some external battle wounds like yours one day! Thanks so much for conitnuing to share your story. I, for one, really appreciate it.

    • Melanie…you can do this honey!!! please know that! I never thought I could, but the moment I changed my mind and realized that I COULD do it…I haven’t looked back!!! The weight comes up, the emotional baggage is lifted, and you will be a better you because of it! Keep being inspired by people who are just like you because that’s what got me through too!!! You rock girl, and just keep doing what you are doing. 36 pounds is no joke and slowly but surely will get you there!! Baby steps!!! If you ever need anything, FB msg me or email me at xoxox

  35. not gross at all! It looks much better than I thought it would at this stage. In a year or so the scar will be just a tiny white line.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Yayyyy for tiny white lines!! It’s not so bad! I don’t mind it at all, but it’s good to know in a year from now it will be very much faded! :) xoxox

  36. Gena Curry says:

    You’re arms look great. Not gross at all. I was afraid to watch because I’m kind of squimish, but not bad at all.

  37. I am so excited for you I can not wait to see the tummy… I have lost 163 pounds and I am going in in Sept. to get my tummy done !!! I am so super excited !!! Thank you for keeping us updated !!!

    • That is so amazing!!!! So proud of you and your 163 pounds! That is NO JOKE!!! Weight loss is so hard, but so doable if you want it bad enough! Tummy tuck will be the best thing you ever did…I promise! :)

  38. Thank You for being such an inspiration to us all… time and time again I have tried to lose weight and I always lose the motivation to make myself a better person! Hopefully this time will be different and ill be able to follow through with my weight loss dreams!

  39. melcubed says:

    Girlfriend! You are incredible! I am so proud of you. :)
    Please keep sharing with us. It is unbelievable!

    • Thank you SOOO much!!! I will share as MUCH knowledge, love, and everything I can because I want everyone to know it’s so doable to change your life if you want it bad enough!! Thank you for your kind words!! xoxo

  40. Hey Courtney! You LOOK awesome… battle scars and all… less than 2 weeks in and that scar is looking beautiful!! This was helpful for me since I once weighed 530 pounds and have so far lost about 223 pounds on my own. One day, in about 100 more pounds, I’m going to have to have skin removal surgery on my arms and stomach… so thanks for sharing! I call the hanging flap of skin on my lower stomach, “the bane of my existence” It will be so nice to wear normal pants and shirts one day!! GOOD FOR YOU!

    • Congrats on your amazing journey so far too, lady!!! That is amazing!! I know all about the hanging flap! I called it my “fupa” hahaha…not even gonna go there! ;) But I’m just SO GLAD it’s gone!!!! All of the hard work pays off in the end…I promise girlie! So proud of you!!! Keep going one choice at a time! <3

  41. Hi Courtney. I feel sort of awkward and helpless writing to you like this. You were such an inspiration on the Biggest Loser to me because I am 21 years old and I feel like I am in such a deep hole that I can’t get out of it. I am overweight and feel down all the time about every aspect of my life it seems. I feel so lonely all the time, some days I never get out of bed and most days I don’t leave my apartment unless I have school… and I look at people like you and feel like there is a little hope out there for me. Not just to lose weight but to achieve happiness. I have never been on a date or even kissed a boy and I am about to graduate college. I don’t even have a single friend (no exaggeration) or anyone to turn to in real life. Believe me when I say I WANT to make a change. I have tried multiple times, make barely any progress if it all, but I always backtrack and let dark thoughts take over. I hear others say it only takes a second to change your mindset but I feel like I have hit “rock bottom” multiple times and always tell myself “today is the day I WILL make a change, be more positive, etc.” But I just feel like I have nothing left, like I will always be this lonely girl with no social life and no one to share my life with. I don’t know where to begin or how to change my thought process. Anyway, I guess I just felt connected to you watching you on tv, following you on twitter, and reading your blog. I am so happy for you (if not slightly envious) and I think you are a courageous girl who will help a lot of people in your lifetime.

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me at Let’s chat. I think it will be easier if it’s more private though! Please know that I am here for you and I know what you are feeling right now…but at the same time, I also know that there IS another side to it all and it’s all about a choice that YOU make. Email me and let’s chat. Maybe a phone convo if you want? xoxooxoxx….keep your head up girl!!! You will be JUST FINE!!!!!! <3

  42. I LOVE that you are blogging now! Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!!!

  43. Hooray! I’m so glad you are blogging! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your heart! I will be following you as I continue on my journey. My biggest challenge is staying the course. I will have a couple of good weeks and then relax a bit only to end up back where I started. Consistency is what I need! A question that I have for you is how do you mentally deal with the times when you feel like you have worked hard but the scale is not showing it. When I see no loss or even a gain, I immediately get discouraged even though I know there are lots of determining factors that dictate what the scale will say. Where do you find the motivation to carry on when the rewards are not instant or apparent? Thanks, Courtney!

    • Glad you enjoy it!!! The way that I get through those times when the scale doesn’t move is to simply NOT EVER, EVER EVER let a scale define me! I go with how I feel from the INSIDE OUT because that’s what it’s about. If you know you are working your hardest, not cheating on your food, doing your best in the gym, etc, then the weight WILL eventually come off. your body goes through periods where it just doesn’t want the weight to change, but a lot of times, inches will be coming off during that time and mentally you will be growing. Don’t ever let that stupid scale define you, use it more for accountability to never go back UP. When you keep doing all you can do, the numbers are sure to go back down and your quality of life will continue to raise!

  44. Lenita K says:

    You are beautiful, Courtney!!!! :-)

  45. You look awesome! The battle wounds don’t really look too bad. I’m just starting my journey. I have about 60 pounds to lose. The hardest thing for me is giving up soda. Congrats on how far you have come. That means only better things to come

    • It is hard to give up the soda, but just ween yourself off of it. Instead of drinking 5 a day, drink 4. Cut that down to 3, then 2, then 1 an eventually none! It’s much easier than it may seem…I promise!!! Good luck to you and know that ANYTHINGGGG you set your mind to, you can do!

  46. Courtney, I’ve just caught up on your blog and wanted to say that you look AMAZING!! The scars don’t look as bad as what I had imagined them . . . .and your arms look great, all nice and tiny! I watched you on the Biggest Loser and thought your attitude was always so positive and you definitely come across that way in your blog–you look gorgeous, but you also act gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!

  47. You rock my face off Courtney! You know what you want, and you go after it…

    I just need to lose 20 lbs., but I can’t ever seem to get started…

    I am glad you have so much more to look forward to…

  48. Soooo happy for you!! I know you’ll feel amazing once it’s all healed! You were my fave on TBL and we’ve missed seeing you all the time so I’ve def been following along on Twitter, FB and now here! :)

    Take care!!! Keep up the great work – you’re a huge inspiration!!!! :)

  49. You look awesome!! Thanks so much for posting this video. It’s hard to find a good video posted about brachioplasty (at least it has been for me). I’m having mine in October and I’m so excited!

  50. Courtney,

    You are such a beautiful and inspiring young woman.


  51. Hi!
    I totally understand about the excess skin removal. I lost 100# and had areas that were not what I expected – tummy and arms as well. I had procedures done as well and what that does for your confidence is amazing. I love how I look and feel now and I am sure you do as well. I tried to “live” with it but my eyes automatically traveled to the areas I had the skin removed. What a wonderful gift of love to yourself. You are an amazing inspriation and
    so glad you had the opportunity. You look fabulous!!!


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