Motivation 101! :)

I swear, one of the number 1 questions I get in some way, shape, or form is, “How do I stay motivated?!” And everytime I see it, I think to myself, “IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND!!!” That’s basically my answer for almost everything because it’s nothing but the truth.

First and foremost, you must know that being on a show, world class trainers, working out 6-10 hours a day, or any other crazy things that I may or may not have had the priviledge of doing the past 9 months DID NOT change me or get me to where I am today. YES, those things definitely helped in the process, but that’s not what ultimately got me started or got me to where I am today. It all starts & ends with you mind and you HAVE to realize that when going through a weight loss journey, or ANY journey in life.

I can, however, try to give you as many tips as possible to help you stay motivated! I will list them below, but check out the video blog that goes more in depth!! There are only a few simple tips that I think can really help in the long run!!

1 – Set goals: Know what you are fighting for every single day & make sure those things are your top priority! It’ll be easier to get through what you need to get through, even through the hardest of times! You can write them down if it makes it easier for you too!! Always, always, always fight for what you want most in your life!!

2 – Be accountable! Workout with a friend!: You have to be accountable to yourself, first & foremost, but it’s always great to have a partner in crime!! Get a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, cousin, aunt, uncle, SOMEONE that has the same goal as you & work WITH them daily. Cook together, exercise together, TALK about any issues you may be having. On your hard days, maybe they can help you get through & vice versa! I had my dad to workout w/ at 6 am every single morning before I went on the ranch. I explain more in the video! :)

3 – Food Journal: If you are struggling with the numbers on the scale but feel like you are doing everything you possibly can, try food journaling if you aren’t yet! GUARENTEE you will see results from this!

4 – Take photos: Taking weekly or even monthly photos will help you in the long run! Sometimes, the number on the scale won’t move at all, but you will be losing inches & look physically different, which will help you stay on the right track mentally!

5 – Get the music pumpin’!: Get a great playlist of music, books on tape, or your fav. TV show to take to the gym with you! TRUST ME, it makes working out so much better & easier!! You will LOVE this!!! ;)

6 – Pedometer: One of the best ways I kept myself accountable before I was on the show was keeping track of my steps! Try to beat your step count each & every single day. It helps, I promise! You can get a cheap pedometer at your local Walmart!

7 – One CHOICE at a time: Take your journey choice by choice & although this is about the big picture at the end, don’t freak yourself out with a daunting task of losing X amount of pounds.When I started my journey, I needed to lose 250 pounds & that is why I failed so many times because I looked at it like that. The task was unbelievably daunting. But when you change your mindset to one CHOICE at a time…one POUND at a time…trust me, you can do it!! If I can do it, anyone can. Period. :)


Hope these few little tips help you!!! Best of luck to you all and know that I am ALWAYS on your side!!!! Keep smiling & you can get through anything!


Yours in health,

Court :)

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