Our Love Story — The Beginning :)

Soooooo…we’re engaged!!!! :) :) And we could not be happier!!! Over the past 3 years, so many of you have asked us when we were going to get engaged and the time is finally here! It has been a whirlwind for the past month, and I honestly can’t even believe that I am just sitting down now to write this out.

You see, I feel a connection with all of my online friends and even though everyone can’t be at our wedding, I want to keep you all in the loop (for those of you who want to know) as much as possible because you have watched our relationship unfold. That is such a cool thing about social media these days. I totally understand if you have no interest in this…but here it goes. :)

First of all, I’m not sure that everyone knows how Alex and I met so I will start with that. I think that is a necessary part of the story to fully understand our love! In January of 2010, there were 18 finalists for a brand new weight loss show that was being cast for ABC. Alex and I were both one of those finalists. The reason we had even been called is because we were in the mix for casting for Biggest Loser, so when you are in the casting world, you are basically always in it. So anyways, they called me to try out for this show and I was skeptical. It was mostly because I had no idea what the show was or what the premise was, and I didn’t like that. I went through the casting process, and when they called me and told me I was going to be a finalist, I couldn’t believe it! It was then that I knew that when you don’t try to control every situation, things work out as they should. I was flown to LA as one of the 18 finalists. I met the other 17 people, and Alex was one of those people.

Most of the finalists for season 1 of Extreme Weight Loss :)

 We were quickly told that only 8 of us would make the show, but we had 10 days in LA doing workouts, medical exams, interviews with production, and just overall learning more about each other and Chris Powell, the brand new trainer for this brand new show. All 18 of us spent a LOT of time together. These people truly changed my life!

 It is funny, because most of us were very outgoing and more “type A”, but the one person who wasn’t was Alex. He was so quiet and reserved, and I wasn’t used to people like him. I have always been loud, outgoing, and probably TOO forward at times, so this kid was intriguing to me. All of us that were more outgoing and loud were hanging out constantly, and Alex wasn’t around much. In fact (and I love to tell this story), there were times that he was in his hotel room with the “do not disturb” sign on. I thought that was so weird because I was the person who was having everyone in my room and basically the center location for the partaaaay! Hahaha. After 3 days of being in LA, Alex finally called me and said, “What are y’all doing?” in his little southern accent. He finally came to hang out with everyone and we all found out how cool he really is.

We were informed at the end of the 10 days that they would call us and let us know if we made the show or not. I was pretty confident that I was going to make it. I hope that doesn’t sound cocky. I knew I didn’t have a sad story, but I just felt very confident with the interviews that I did and just how the week went. It was awesome! For the next 3 weeks while we waited on their decision, about 6 of us were CONSTANTLY skyping, texting, and talking every single night. Alex was a part of that group, and he kept opening up more and more. We all became VERY close, VERY fast!

Alex & I one of the first days we met 5 years ago! Both of us over 400 pounds & probably at our worst health wise.

Alex & I one of the first days we met 5 years ago! Both of us over 400 pounds & probably at our worst health wise.

After 3 weeks passed, I received a phone call from a producer. He said, “Courtney, I hope you know how much I adore you. I want you to know that we are taking 8 people for the first season of this brand new show, and you are number 9.” I was in shock. I was sad, but I tried to understand. I didn’t at that point. And it was the first time in my life that I had been MAD about something like that. I was mad because I knew I deserved it (we truly all did!!), and I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me that I couldn’t do something. So…THAT is when I started losing weight on my own. It fueled my fire to get moving. I called Alex and Wally (the 2 I had become the closest with) and they both informed me that they HAD made the show!!! I was so happy for them, and I told them I was going to do it along with them and we were all going to be where we wanted to be at the end of the year.

Alex started training with Chris Powell on, you guessed it, the very first season of Extreme Weight Loss. The coolest part is that he got to do most of it at home, so we continued to Skype nightly and check in about our workouts and foods for that day. We become closer and closer and we both considered each other best friends. There was no denying that! I tried to learn as much as I could from Alex and Wally, and also stayed in contact with Chris, as he is one of the most genuine caring people I know!

The next 9 months went by, and I lost over 100 pounds on my own! I was on FIRE. There was no stopping me. I was trusting the process and it was working…all on my own with the support of amazing friends, of course. Alex was still losing mass amounts of weight and truly finding himself. In the beginning of September, Alex went to EWL boot camp in Arizona, where he had to go through some difficult things mentally and physically. We stopped talking as much (and little did I know, he really wasn’t talking to many people besides his family) because he was just grinding and doing what he needed to do to finish the year strong. I was upset about that, but again I understood.

About that time, I received a call from The Biggest Loser producers. They were casting for season 11 and they really wanted to talk to me! I told them that I was not interested like I had been before, because I had lost over 100 pounds on my own and I was going strong. I still had at least 150 more pounds to lose, but I was determined to do it. They called again. And again. And again. And finally I agreed to try out again. I didn’t have to go through all of the casting calls and such again, which I what I did NOT want to do. They already had my info so I went directly to on camera interviews. They told me I HAD to find a partner, and hopefully it would be a parent or sibling. I never looked at my parents or my sister as big enough to qualify, but I asked my mom and she was scared, but agreed to try with me. The rest is history. From the end of September 2010 until about May of 2011, we were cut off from the outside world. We were doing our thing at the ranch!

I got to come home for Christmas, and right when I got home, Alex had called me. Now remember, we weren’t talking much before I went to the ranch, so I didn’t expect it! But it was SOOO great to chat and when I saw him on Skype (it was about 3 months since I had seen him) I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! He looked like a COMPLETELY different person. See, those 3 months that he wasn’t talking to people much and just grinding were the 3 months that he FULLY changed his life. I was so proud of him, and he was so proud of me!

We both had people we were interested in, and I was helping him with his girl problems and he talked me through my guy problems. That is what best friends do. I always knew in my heart that I loved him, though. Little did I know, he felt the same way. Neither of us wanted to force anything though, but we knew God would work it out. And HE DID!!!…..

You see, I feel like you all need to know THAT part of our story so you can understand the love that we have. I KNOW for sure that I was a finalist for Extreme Weight Loss (even though I didn’t make the show) because Alex and I were SUPPOSED to meet that week! God had a plan for us, that this was it. I didn’t understand at the time why I didn’t make that show, but I 1000000% understand now. It was so I could learn how to change my life ON MY OWN. So I could have the opportunity to go on TBL because that is part of my life story. And most importantly, so I could meet my soul mate!!!



  1. Wow! This is absolutely a beautiful story!

    • bl11courtney says:

      Thank you so much, Shaun! :) We are really lucky! It only gets better from this point too! I am typing the rest of the story out and it’ll be up in a couple of days! Thank you for your support!! xoxo

  2. Courtney, I LOVE that you are willing to share your love story with all of us. I watched both EWL and TBL when you and Alex were on there (I ADORE Chris) and really feel like I “know” both of you! And one day soon I’m going to come to Indiana and get some YoAmazing yogurt and hope to see you in person! I love that you are giving God the credit for bringing you guys together, even when it didn’t seem like you could understand…His timing is always perfect! Hugs to you both!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! Love it she GOD has it in HIS time. Enjoy reading your posts…I’m a big fan of BL. Wish my hubby and I could meet some of the trainers. Being wheelchair bound don’t think it will ever happen. Can’t wait to hear more about the wedding!!! Best Wishes from Pennsylvania.

  4. Of all the stories I’ve heard and all the stories I’ve read, OURS is the story that is my most favorite!! I love you Courtney Crozier!!

  5. What a beautiful story! The emotional struggle you both had to go through, not to mention physical…that’s sort of a given… Very inspiring! To overcome and still find your way together…definitely meant to be.
    I can only hope that I can find it in me to do the same with my body and soul that you both did. Courtney, I admire you so much…. Best wishes for a beautiful future to you both!

  6. Christina Sloan says:

    Thank you for sharing this Courtney! My little nosey self has wondered for a long time how you guys came to be, lol. And now I know! What a great story. God really did have a purpose, it’s amazing! I have applied to be on TBL and EWL in the past and have watched both shows for a long time, so it was really interesting to me when I found out you guys were dating. So happy for you! I continue to follow you & your story on social media, learing more along the way. (omg is that creepy?!) I feel like we’d be good friends-hey I’m just across the border in Illinois! Lol Thank you for all you do & best wishes as you plan your wedding!

    • bl11courtney says:

      You can always come visit my yogurt shop anytime you find yourself in Indiana!! :) Thank you for your support! I love how you said your little nosey self. I am totally the same way! haha. Always wondering what is up!! ;) Love it!

  7. A love-story that was truly meant to be!!

  8. So incredible! Thank you so much for sharing :) I’ve followed you since you were on Biggest Loser. It’s neat to read the beginning of your story. And I also follow you on Pinterest so I’ve seen you pinning engagement rings so I hoped it would be soon. :p Congrats to you both. I wish you all the blessings of a solid happy marriage. :)

  9. I have watched the biggest loser as a loyal fan for years and I remember watching you and cheering for you! I’m so happy you found your true LUV and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. Frances george says:

    Courtney thank you so much for sharing your story now and always you and Alex are truly inspirational people. And a beautiful love story.
    I have been on this journey for a while and when I am down I remember those three little words “trust the process”

    • bl11courtney says:

      You are amazing, Frances. And so right! Trust the process and take it all one choice at a time! I’m still fighting the good fight too. Always rooting for you!

  11. michelle smith says:

    Beautiful love story Courtney :)
    You had me in tears……So happy for both you and Alex! God does do amazing things in our lives at God speed! It is so difficult at times when we have done our part and things don’t go the way we planned! But how awesome to hear that things turned out even better :))
    BTW…..you are a gifted writer my friend! That right there can take you places!
    Congrats again to you and Alex! So excited to see the pictures once the big day arrives!
    God Bless!

    • bl11courtney says:

      You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for the support!! I really just write from my heart. I know my grammar and such probably isn’t 100%, but I was crying while writing! haha. So that works for me!! xoxoxo

  12. Love it, and love following you! Always a positive ray of light, even when faced with tough subjects.
    BL #11 was the last I watched, for various reasons, and I always feel like it was the best.
    Best wishes to you and Alex. I had a winter/snowflake wedding, so I’m very excited to see where you take it. – Rheannon

    • bl11courtney says:

      Yes!!! We are doing a winter wonderland theme, and I am so excited! Lots of blues and purples…and SPARKLE!! lol. Thank you for your kind words!

  13. I’ve always wondered how you and Alex met, and now I know! What a fantastic way to have your soul-mate and love brought into your life. You are so inspiring to so many and you never have a negative word to say. You are one of those people who you can just look at and know that the person you see is the person you get. Happy, kind, loving! I wish you and Alex a long and happy life together! Thank you for letting us all share in your joy! Blessings to you and yours!

  14. To be continued?? Noooo!!! Lol!! Marrying your best friend is the greatest! I tell everyone that I know my husband completely because when we first met we were both in serious relationships and we in no way were trying to impress each other ;) You both seem so genuine and kind and I pray you have a lifetime of happiness. Aren’t we all lucky that God is in charge and we aren’t :) He always seem to give us more than we would think to ask for, just in His way and His time. Congratulations!!

    Unsolicited advice:
    1) when planning gets stressful remember you’re planning a wedding but it’s more about a marriage than an event and no one remembers which centerpiece you had except you. They will remember how they felt at your event and I can only imagine the love that will be in the room that day ;)
    2) best wedding advice I got, from our photographer.. Plan and plan but on the day of your wedding know you’ve done as much as you can and hand all decisions over to someone you trust (mine was my mom). The day will go by in a blink so just allow yourself to ENJOY that day! Also, take a moment at your reception just the 2 of you and sneak off. Find that moment to connect & take a deep breath.

    Sorry for my skattered comments, it’s past my bedtime. ;) That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

  15. Awe I love it! You are both truly an inspiration and I can’t wait to hear more :)

  16. What a beautiful story! I love how God works!!! It got goosebumps reading it!

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