Meet Carl Passante! :)

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! :)
Grimmway Farms and I had the opportunity to interview yet ANOTHER awesome guy who has made a complete life change and lost some MAJOR weight!! And let me tell you…he GETS it! Read his story & see if any of his struggles and triumphs are things you can relate to! Carl…you are AWESOME!!!! :)
Courtney: When did you start your weight loss journey?
Carl:  I yo-yo dieted for my entire teen years.  I would lose weight, gain all of it plus more back over and over.  When it finally clicked, it was April 3rd, 2012.  I’ve been going for nearly 11 months strong, and never looked back.
Courtney: What was the first step you took to begin? Do you remember the specific moment that it clicked for you, or was it more of a gradual process?
Carl: When I realized I had a serious problem I knew I needed to surround myself with support.  I was living three hours away from home and knew it would be best to move back home with my parents to push me when I needed it.  I moved home April and from that point on I kind of just hit the ground running.  It definitely clicked fast because I just knew in my head and heart that I had to do this no matter what.  I gained more and more momentum as time went on, but I always remained focused.
Courtney: Did/do you have a personal trainer or did you do it on your own?
Carl: From April 2012 – November 2012 I did it on my own and was down about 105 pounds.  I knew I had to eventually get a trainer to really sculpt and tone my body how I wanted it because I was clueless when it came to strength training/toning.  I got a trainer mid-November and since then she has helped me lose 15 more pounds and more then 25 inches from my body!  A trainer is great for accountability and support.
Courtney: How often did you workout when you were losing weight? How often do you workout now?
Carl: When I was losing I would workout six days a week for about two hours.  It was all cardio because I wanted to get the majority of fat off me before I started strength training and such.  These days I work out five days a week.  Three days a week with my trainer working with me with strength/toning, and my other two days are strictly running because I’m training for a marathon in June, 2013!  Very excited about that and was always a goal for me.
Courtney: Can you lay out what a day of workouts/activities might look for you? Is what you do now to maintain similar to what you did to lose weight?
Carl: When I was losing weight it was a gradual incline of movements/exercises.  I initially started out just by walking one hour a day.  Once I lost about 30 pounds I started running everyday (from 1 mile – 3 miles) and did mostly cardio.  By the time I lost 100 pounds I was able to run a half marathon, it felt amazing!  To maintain I do a lot of work with TRX and kettlebells for strength/toning/core work, and lots and lots of miles of running for cardio and marathon training.  I like to merge the two styles of exercise together for a total body workout and to keep the heart rate up as long as possible.
Courtney: What types of foods did you eat while losing weight? Are there one or two foods that are “staples” in your refrigerator?
Carl: This is where I changed the most!  I always tell people you lose weight in the kitchen, not the gym.  I cut out a lot of things completely (mostly red meat, soda, and fast food) I switched to ground turkey for my meat, a lot of chicken, and I tried to make the typical “unhealthy” foods into a “healthy” version.  I researched recipes for healthy pizza, tacos, Italian food, etc. so that way I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself too much.  A few staples would be lean ground turkey always, hummus, and dark chocolate covered blue berries (they’re good for you I promise!) just for when I needed something sweet.
Courtney: What keeps you motivated and accountable?
Carl: Several things keep me motivated.  I put my before and after picture next to my bed on my wall so I wake up to it every day.  That’s a great reminder to never go back.  I also made my journey very public with my blog/facebook so all of my friends and family know about my journey that way if I ever slip they can be there to catch me.  I also always make physical goals for myself of some sort so I have something to train for that way it stays in the back of my head.  Whether it’s a 5k, a tough mudder, or the marathon I’ll be running in 4 months.  It’s just a good way to get to that gym and workout.
Courtney: What is your number 1 piece of advice for people out there who are just starting on their weight loss journeys? 
Carl: This is so hard because I feel like I could literally write a book on weight loss advice, there’s just so much!  The best piece of advice is this:
Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.  It might seem weak but it is honestly very brave and will keep you accountable and motivated to achieve all of your weight loss goals, or any goal you have in life.
Courtney: Anything else you’d like to add?
Carl: I had a lot to say in the best piece of advice question, so I’ll say the other pieces of advice here since there is so much to say.
Weight loss is nearly 100% mental.  Anybody can count calories, and go to a gym and lose weight.  The reason why so many people struggle with their weight is they’re not figuring out why they’re over weight in the first place.  Once you really get to know yourself and mentally tell yourself you’re able to do this, that is when the “weight loss magic” starts happening.  You need to love yourself at your highest weight, in order to love yourself at your lowest weight; and just because you’re now down to your goal weight does not mean the journey is over.
One last thing, weight loss is also a lot about balance.  You must balance your life inside and outside of your weight loss.  It can’t completely dictate your life, but you also can’t completely forget about it either.  Just know that you’re worth the life you’ve always wanted to live and never give up on yourself.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you try.
I must say, I LOVE Carl’s lookout on this whole journey! It IS 100% mental and it IS all about balance! These are things that I talk about every single day to people I encounter who are trying to start! All of Carl’s words are so right on point…and I am SO very proud of him! 
Carl, thank you for taking control of your own life and thank you for sharing it with all of us!!! I am inspired and motivated by YOU!
If you would like to submit a weight loss success story…whether that’s 5 pounds or 300 pounds…PLEASE visit for all of the details on how to submit your story!!! :)

Say hello to Clayton Mulford!

Hi everyone!

Grimmway Farms & myself have teamed up to find some AMAZING weight loss success stories! Whether that is a 5 pound loss or a 200 pound loss…we want to hear your stories!

This week, our FIRST week, we have had the pleasure of talking to Clayton Mulford! He is an INCREDIBLE inspiration & has lost his weight & maintained it for a long time! Thank you so much for talking to me, Clayton! Hope you all enjoy the interview :) We can all learn a lot from this guy!


Courtney: When did you start your weight loss journey?

Clayton: I started my journey in May of 2010….. I was laying in bed one on night and I never watch the fox news at 9 but that night I did and that is where I saw the advertisement for the contest wealth for my health. I knew I needed to sign up that night! And so I did.

Courtney: What was the first step you took to begin? Do you remember the specific moment that it clicked for you, or was it more of a gradual process?

Clayton: It really set in when I submitted my application to be on the contest. Once I got the approval it was very exciting. I remember the opening night and getting paired with Marty Wolff, the first work out with him I knew this was going to be a very long journey but one that I needed to do for myself.

Courtney: Did/do you have a personal trainer or did you do it on your own?

Clayton: During the contest I met with Marty once a week. Once I started loosing more weight and realized that I could loose more than my goal of 35 lbs I started working out with Marty 4-6 times a week with him. Sometimes I would go in the morning and then go back at night. It was never one on one training but yet a group of us, sometimes a larger group of 20 or so and then other times it would be our pals group of just 4 of us. Once I started feeling comfortable I started going to my own gym and working out on my own as well. Now that I have lost the weight, I work out with Marty once a week and hit the gym myself 2-3 times a week.

Courtney: Can you lay out what a day of workouts/activities might look for you? Is what you do now to maintain similar to what you did to lose weight?

Clayton: To lose the weight it was a lot of cardio and just movement, some running laps, pulling marty around with a rope, flipping a big tire, lots of squats, push ups, sit ups, crunches and running. Marty just wanted us to stay moving and keep the heart rate up. Now that I have lost the weight I do still a lot of cardio but more of the stair stepper and bike, vs running and I do still my cardiovascular, sit ups, push ups, crunches and all that. I also do some weight classes to help tone up a little and keep fit as well. I still believe it just a matter of getting your heart rate up, so that is what I accomplish when I work out.

Courtney: What types of foods did you eat while losing weight? Are there one or two foods that are “staples” in your refrigerator?

Clayton: HMMMMM well I LOVE my veggies, must have a veggie with each supper! And I would say that fish and chicken are right up there as well. Those seemed to be the most of the foods that I would use to help loose the weight, and yogurt, it’s a great with some fresh blueberries and low fat vanilla yogurt.

Courtney: What keeps you motivated and accountable? 

Clayton: Just the fact that I have put soooooo much work into this that I can not let myself go back. I have made this journey so public that I would not want to let my friends and family down by gaining the weight back . They all supported me while I was doing this and now I need to prove to all of them that I can keep it. I do still struggle with the feeling that I am “fat” so I just have to remind myself where I came from and remember to keep food journaling and to not waste my calories. Yes I do still food journal……  That and measuring my food to make sure I have correct portions are two of the biggest things I recommend!

Here are a few more things that Clayton let me know about his journey! I felt as though these things HAD to be added here :)

How do you handle stress and emotions without turning to food?

Clayton: If I don’t buy it, it’s not there. I don’t allow myself any impulse buys. When it comes to grocery
shopping, I make a list and stick to it. Be prepared. I can still abuse the healthy stuff (protein bars, etc.)
so I still have to make a conscience effort to stop myself. If I am hungry at night, I allow myself one
healthy snack. If I am still hungry, I make myself wait 20 minutes to allow my body to register the food
I just ate. If I don’t buy it, I can’t abuse it. I pay at the pump and don’t enter convenience stores – too
many temptations. I have gotten in the habit of avoiding temptation; it’s hard to give into temptation
when it doesn’t present itself!

What has helped you sustain your healthy lifestyle?

Clayton: The fact that I made my journey public. I shouted from the rooftops (of Facebook) that I was

starting this journey. I didn’t want to let anyone down. Now, I am continuously pushing for more and
encouraging other people to join this journey with me. There became a day where I was pushing my
trainer to try new activities and was competing with him. I have found my internal drive to NEVER settle.
I am always pushing myself, reaching for more.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned along this journey?

Clayton: I learned that if you want something bad enough, it’s ultimately up to YOU to go after it.
Dedicate yourself completely and you can have anything you want. But be careful, you can also
sabotage yourself right out of success. I have been able to apply this to other areas of my life as well.
I wanted to obtain my real estate license. Nobody could do it for me… I had to do it. I set a goal, I
followed through and now I am a licensed real estate agent!


I LOVE Clayton’s last answer!! It IS ultimately up to you! Take self-responsibility and start TODAY! Thank you so much for your time, Clayton! We appreciate you so very much and on behalf of myself & Grimmway Farms, we are SO proud of you!

If you’d like to be featured as one of our weight loss success stories, please click here!


13 Goals in ’13! :)

13 IN 13


Happy 2013!!! :) I know bringing in the new year always comes with a new found drive, motivation, and want for yourself or your loved ones to be better in some way, shape, or form. That is GREAT!!!! But what is even better is when you set those goals and stick to them! Having a support group/community is such a big help when it comes to things like this! I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the love and support surrounding me daily. I want THIS page to be just that. Love, support, motivation, inspiration, etc, to be the BEST you possible and to have other like-minded people near you as well! Or at least a click away when you need it most! :)

I want to start off this year by setting goals & being accountable to them through all of you & my close family & friends who always have my back! My boyfriend came up with the great idea to set 13 goals in 2013 and I LOOOOOVE it!!! And we wanted to challenged all of YOU to write out YOUR goals, hopes, dreams, and wishes for this year along with us! Choose things that will challenge you, but with enough hard work, dedication, and discipline, you will be able to achieve! After all, if you believe you can, YOU CAN!!!

Put these 13 goals somewhere that you can see them daily!!! Alex has a cork board in his room and he wrote all of his on a note card and pinned it on the board. Put it somewhere that you spend a lot of time so you can have a daily reminder of what you need to do this year! It can be ANYTHING! It can be related to fitness, nutrition, academics, family, friends, volunteering, careers….whatever you choose! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! You can choose to share them with all of us or keep them to yourself! YOUR choice!!! At the end of this week, I will be posting my goals for 2013 so everyone can see! I would LOVE if you posted yours here to share with others and to keep each other motivated!

Let’s start this New Year off right…empower yourself to do ANYTHING you set your mind to! We are ALL in this together!!!

Are you accepting the challenge!?! Can’t wait to hear your goals SOON! :) Stay tuned for mine!!!

Court :)

No Sugar Added Fruit Pizza! YUM!

Hi everyone! I posted a picture of this amazing sugarless sugar cookie crusted fruit pizza that I made for my family on Thanksgiving. Let me just tell you…it was a HIT!!! It was the only dessert that was gone within minutes! It made me happy to know that my entire family (there were 26 of us at my house) went for the healthier option rather than the sugar loaded goodies that were also on the table. Although anything is okay in moderation, I truly believe with taking small steps like choosing a better dessert is how we overcome all obstacles on this journey and it makes a HUGE difference in the end! :)


Here’s the recipe!

Sugar Free Sugar Cookie Crust:

1/4 cup unsalted butter, softened (I use Kerrygold)
1/3 cup baking stevia or no-calorie sweetener of choice (I like to stick with Stevia here to keep it natural!)
1 whole egg OR 2 egg whites (I used the full egg)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract (a little goes a LONG way here! don’t overdo it!)
1 cup gluten free flour (you can also use whole wheat pastry flour, which is what my original recipe called for. I am going to try it with almond flour soon!)
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Directions to make cookie crust:

1) In a medium bowl, cream together butter, and sugar substitute with a hand mixer. Add egg/egg whites, and extracts and beat until it is combined. In a separate bowl, combine flour, salt, and baking powder. Gradually add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, until just combined. Do not over mix to avoid toughness! — Wrap dough and place it back in the refrigerator to chill for about 30 minutes, or until dough is cold.

2) To make one BIG pizza, roll the dough out on a baking sheet or pizza pan to the sizing of your choice. If you want to make personal fruit pizzas, cut the dough into shapes/sizes that you wish. Cook on a preheated oven at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Let it cool COMPLETELY before adding the toppings! (I let mine cool for 3 hours).

Cream Cheese Frosting/Topping:

8 ounces low fat or regular cream cheese
1/4 cup baking stevia/truvia (you might have to tweek this depending on the brand you use!)
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Directions to make frosting:

1) In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer to mix cream cheese, stevia, and vanilla extract together until smooth. Place in the fridge for a half hour.


Directions to put the fruit pizza together:

At this point, the recipe is simple! All you have to do is throw your ingredients together! Take the fully cooled cookie crust and spread the cream cheese frosting all over the top of the crust. After this is done, pick your FAVORITE fruits to add to the top! My two favorites are blueberries and strawberries (you can cut them anyway you’d like), but in the photo above you can see we also used kiwi and raspberries too! Try any type of fruit and I’m sure it will be delish!!!


I’d love to see pictures of YOUR fruit pizza creations! I promise you, it will be a huge hit at your holiday parties & not so rough on the waistline! Can’t beat that!! :) Happy baking!!!


HealthiER Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup! :)

Hi guys!!! I wanted to share this awesome recipe with you that I made for my family tonight! It’s a healthier version of creamy chicken & wild rice soup! It’s roughly 250 calories per 1 1/4 cups and it is DELISH!!! Let me know how you like it if you try it!Image5 cups low sodium chicken broth
2 cups fat free half and half
3 cooked & shredded chicken breasts (to cook/shred I boil them for 10-15 minutes and shred with 2 forks!)
1 cup diced onions
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped carrots
(I like to bulk it up with more veggies…it originally called for 1/2 cup of each..up to you!)
1/2 cup all purpose flour (the not so healthy part of this recipe…but it’s minimal)
2/3 cups uncooked wild rice (You can also use the instant kind like Uncle Ben’s to save a LOT of time! Long grain & wild rice by Uncle Ben’s works great.)
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tsp. black pepper
1/2 tsp. basil
1/2 tsp. thyme

1) Cook rice according to package directions.

2) In a large saucepan, cook olive oil, onions, celery, carrots, and garlic for 3-4 minutes or until the veggies are tender. Stir in the broth, pepper, basil, and thyme and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

3) Add shredded chicken & drained rice into the broth. Simmer for 10 minutes.

4) In a small bowl, mix half and half & flour together until smooth. Gradually stir the cream mixture into the soup.

5) Cook & stir for 5-8 minutes or until it thickens up. (I always like to let it simmer for a little while too so it gets to the right consistency!)

If you want to add more spices to it or add salt, do so as desired!


A few cardio workouts I love!! <3

Hi guys!!! It’s been way too long since I have written!! Hope you are all doing well!!! <3

I wanted to share a few cardio workouts I learned on the ranch from Brett & Jillian so you can try them at home!! I posted Brett’s treadmill workout a while ago on my FB & everyone LOVED it!!! It’s VERY brutal, but it’s a great sweat and you will love it when you’re done!! Here  it is! ;)



Warm up in any way you usually do (I walk at a 12 incline at 3.0 for 5 minutes)
-5 sets of jogging intervals! 2 minutes on, 1 minute off
2 minutes on run at a fast jog/slow run (I run at a 7.5-8.0)
… 1 minute of walking at a very slow pace (2.0-2.5)
Do that 5 times for a total of 15 minutes
-6 sets of sprint intervals! 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off
30 seconds at a full out sprint (I do these at a 10.0-11.0 depending on the day)
30 seconds walking at a very slow pace (2.0-2.5)
Do that 6 times for a total of 6 minutes
-Jog a half mile at your own pace (I usually do it at a 6.5)
Cool down! Walk it out at your own pace.

This treadmill workout is usually about 30-35 minutes of a VERY intense, but awesome workout!! When we were on the ranch, Brett had Justin & I do it TWO times in a row! YIKES! haha…I still do it today & it’s killer & I love it!

ALSO…PLEASEEEE realize that the speeds I posted are just MY speeds (because some of you asked), but you do NOT have to run at those speeds. If you can’t run at all, modify it into a walking interval treadmill workout. There are always ways to modify. You can add an incline to your walk as well which is a GREAT burn & great sweat…along with your butt thanking you later too!!! ;) The most important part of it is that you get your heart rate up high & bring it back down over and over again. That will get you the best calorie burn & you will burn the most fat!


The next workout that is also quick & brutal is Jillian’s Stairmaster workout!!! It might not seem that bad when you hear it…but try it and you will be dying…in a good way!!! :) Here it is!:

Warm up at a level 5 to 10  for 5 minutes to get the blood flowing

20 second intervals!! 20 on, 20 off (not doing anything…not even a slow step)

20 seconds on at a LEVEL 20
20 seconds off//paused
Do this 20 TIMES!!

It’s a very quick workout and you should be able to get it done in about 30 minutes as well!!! Don’t judge before you try! ;) Level 20 is no joke and you will basically be runnning up the stairs!

Remember that you can modify this!!!! If you are just starting to workout, DON’T TRY TO DO THIS!!! You can modify it at lower levels and build yourself up to this workout!


Best of luck to ALL of you on this!!! I think you will love these workouts & let me know if you try them & what you think!!!!! And of course, thank you to Brett Hoebel & Jillian Michaels for kicking my ass at the ranch during these workouts so I could come and share them with you all!!! ;)


Court <3

Biggest Loser Ranch Grocery List!!! :)

Hey guys!!! So I posted on my FB that I wanted to share the ranch grocery list with you all!! E-mailing it out to EVERYONE is just too time consuming, so I hope this helps and everyone who wanted to receive it, does!!!! This should be very helpful!

TJ stands for Trader Joe’s and WF stands for Whole Foods. Of course, if you don’t have these stores near you (we don’t here in NW Indiana!), you can find almost all of these products at a local grocery store OR online!!!!

PLEASE REALIZE that this is very much common sense for a lot of you, but as you see…living a healthy lifestyle is NOT hard. These things are so simple to find and prepare, but sometimes we forget how simple it can really be! I hope this is a good reminder!

Also, PLEASE REALIZE that the items that say “organic only please” DO NOTTTT have to be organic! They had to be for us at the ranch b/c we were on a VERYYYY strict diet for a very competative weight loss show. For everyday life, you do NOT HAAAVE to buy organic! It’s more so to keep any pesticides out of your system if possible. BUT any fruit or vegetable will do…please realize this!!! You certainly do not have to spend more $ to eat and live a HEALTHY lifestyle. I would recommend organic if possible, but surely not necessary! :) 

Best of luck to ALL of you and congrats for taking the first or next step in your journey to better health!!!


Biggest Loser Ranch Grocery List

Motivation 101! :)

I swear, one of the number 1 questions I get in some way, shape, or form is, “How do I stay motivated?!” And everytime I see it, I think to myself, “IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND!!!” That’s basically my answer for almost everything because it’s nothing but the truth.

First and foremost, you must know that being on a show, world class trainers, working out 6-10 hours a day, or any other crazy things that I may or may not have had the priviledge of doing the past 9 months DID NOT change me or get me to where I am today. YES, those things definitely helped in the process, but that’s not what ultimately got me started or got me to where I am today. It all starts & ends with you mind and you HAVE to realize that when going through a weight loss journey, or ANY journey in life.

I can, however, try to give you as many tips as possible to help you stay motivated! I will list them below, but check out the video blog that goes more in depth!! There are only a few simple tips that I think can really help in the long run!!

1 – Set goals: Know what you are fighting for every single day & make sure those things are your top priority! It’ll be easier to get through what you need to get through, even through the hardest of times! You can write them down if it makes it easier for you too!! Always, always, always fight for what you want most in your life!!

2 – Be accountable! Workout with a friend!: You have to be accountable to yourself, first & foremost, but it’s always great to have a partner in crime!! Get a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, cousin, aunt, uncle, SOMEONE that has the same goal as you & work WITH them daily. Cook together, exercise together, TALK about any issues you may be having. On your hard days, maybe they can help you get through & vice versa! I had my dad to workout w/ at 6 am every single morning before I went on the ranch. I explain more in the video! :)

3 – Food Journal: If you are struggling with the numbers on the scale but feel like you are doing everything you possibly can, try food journaling if you aren’t yet! GUARENTEE you will see results from this!

4 – Take photos: Taking weekly or even monthly photos will help you in the long run! Sometimes, the number on the scale won’t move at all, but you will be losing inches & look physically different, which will help you stay on the right track mentally!

5 – Get the music pumpin’!: Get a great playlist of music, books on tape, or your fav. TV show to take to the gym with you! TRUST ME, it makes working out so much better & easier!! You will LOVE this!!! ;)

6 – Pedometer: One of the best ways I kept myself accountable before I was on the show was keeping track of my steps! Try to beat your step count each & every single day. It helps, I promise! You can get a cheap pedometer at your local Walmart!

7 – One CHOICE at a time: Take your journey choice by choice & although this is about the big picture at the end, don’t freak yourself out with a daunting task of losing X amount of pounds.When I started my journey, I needed to lose 250 pounds & that is why I failed so many times because I looked at it like that. The task was unbelievably daunting. But when you change your mindset to one CHOICE at a time…one POUND at a time…trust me, you can do it!! If I can do it, anyone can. Period. :)


Hope these few little tips help you!!! Best of luck to you all and know that I am ALWAYS on your side!!!! Keep smiling & you can get through anything!


Yours in health,

Court :)

Confidence & Loving YOURSELF :)

Hey all!!!

So, I decided that video blogging is SO MUCH FUN!!! And I want to do more of it! I’ve decided to take all of your questions that you’ve asked & I’ve been jotting them down & I want to answer all of them or at least most of them! There will be days that I answer 20 questions and days that I answer 1! Just depends on the time I have, how long it takes to answer each question, & what all needs to be said! I think this will be so fun!! I want to answer ANYTHING you guys have to ask! Whether it’s about weight loss, relationships, The Biggest Loser, life, love, friends, family…whatever it is! Just ask away & I will keep the videos coming!!

Today’s question is coming from twitter & it’s just ONE question! I think it’s very important to touch on it. The question was as follows:

“Advice on gaining confidence to find love post-weight loss? Losing the weight doesn’t solve all the “tough stuff” in life. I thought losing the weight would help me find a guy, but I’ve learned the weight had nothing to do with it.”

I answer how I feel about this situation in the video to watch it & let me know what you think!! REMEMBER that YOUUUU have to love YOU first & foremost. You won’t allow anyone else to fully love you if you don’t first. Also remember that some of the biggest struggles in life start & END with your mind! Change your mind today & your life will be different! Check the video out & let me know what you think!!! Love you guys so much! I’ll be making another video ASAP! :) Have a FABULOUS, HEALTHY, FUN weekend!!!!!


Courtney :)

Brachioplasty & Battle Wounds! :)

Good morning, loves!!!

Just wanted to share the video I made yesterday about my brachiplasty and showing you my BATTLE WOUNDS! I show one of my scars on my arm so ya’ll can see what it looks like & what to expect if you do choose to get skin removal surgery at some point! Sorry it’s so graphic, but let me know what you think! <3

Also, keep leaving me feedback on what you want to hear about next!!!


Court :)