Paleo Mayo

I’ve been making my own paleo mayo lately & LOVING the results! The mayo can be used as a base for many other creative sauces & dressings. I haven’t used a store bought dressing in a while now (after I did the Whole30) because there is just no need to! This is so super simple & anyone can do it!! You need minimal ingredients & a really good immersion blender!



1 Cup Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil (I use Bertolli) OR 1 Cup Avocado Oil

1 Large Egg

Pinch of Sea Salt

½ Lemon or lime (I usually use lemon) (edit: I just tried this with 2 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil instead & it is SO GOOD!!)

 You’ll Also Need:

An Immersion Blender (one of my favorite kitchen tools)

A tall, narrow mason jar. This is the one I use (half pint).


1)   Add the oil, egg, salt, & lemon to the jar. Let the egg settle to the bottom of the oil (should only take a couple of seconds).

2)   Push the immersion blender to the bottom of the jar. It should be touching the bottom of the jar before you turn it on.

3)   Turn blender on and don’t move it for at least 15-20 seconds. The oil will emulsify and your mayo will start to come together.

4)   Start to pull the blender up slowly after the 15-20 seconds and make sure everything is mixed in properly.

5)   Enjoy!!!


Note: You can store this mayo in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks! Mine never lasts that long because I use it as a base for everything. Let me know if you love it!! I don’t think most people will buy store bought mayo again with all of those chemicals in it when something so simple that YOU can make can taste so great!!

**Click here for the paleo ranch dressing recipe!**


The below nutrition facts are an approximation depending on brand of eggs & oil & all of the measurements.  



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