Products I love!

I have people ask me every single day what my favorite products are for certain things from food products, workout clothes, to headbands, to clothes, to glasses, to makeup! I thought this would be a great place to put everything in one spot for you all! This is a growing list of my “favorite” things…so be sure to check back often for things that I love! And NO, I do not get anything from the companies to post about them. These are just things that I TRULY love & that really do help me! Enjoy!!! :)


Other Websites/Blogs that I love!


Well, Oh Wellness is a blog that my mom and I are actually a part of! I also blog on that page and I love it! The WOW team stands for a lot that is RIGHT in this world, and I love them for it. You can check out the blogs I have written here or you can just go directly to the website and see what the incredible team has put together for you! I hope you love it! :)

Food Products/Kitchen Gadgets:


Of course, I have to give my frozen yogurt shop a shoutout here!! YoAmazing is something that we have worked really hard on & we are blessed by our customers each & every single day! If you are ever in the northwest Indiana area, definitely come see us at either our Valparaiso or Schererville locations!!! You will not be disappointed! Here is our Facebook page with daily flavors & deals! Thank you ALL for the incredible support you have shown us!


Quest bars have truly been a LIFE SAVER when it comes to sweets throughout the past couple of years! My body doesn’t handle fruit very well, so I needed an option for my sweet tooth without going crazy on the fruit & keeping it as healthy as possible! Most bars are filled with unnecessary sugar, grains, and refined sugar & carbs that our bodies do not need at all and more like a candy bar than a protein bar. Thank GOD for Quest & their mission to help as many people as possible! I am soooooo grateful to have found these amazing bars! I sell them at my yogurt shop & eat them in my everyday life & always will! Thanks for an amazing #CheatClean option, Quest! You can order them directly from their website or pick some up at YoAmazing if you are local!! :) You can also get them on Amazon, which often has the best prices!




Green Giant Fresh is a company that I just ADORE!!! Not only are their exclusively FRESH produce products the best, they also are just all around wonderful people! You know that I LOVE their cauliflower crumbles & we use them in our house numerous times a week!! I love love love experimenting with different cauliflower recipes! Definitely check out their site for more great recipes!!!

Grimmway Farms

Grimmway Farms has been a huge part of my life for the past few years as well! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE them some carrots from a wonderful family business?! I have the honor of working with Grimmway Farms to help host our weekly #JustCrunchEm twitter parties. We have created a wonderful online family with the JustCrunchEm community & I wouldn’t change it for the world! You can find healthy recipes, healthy living tips, and lots of other information on their JustCrunchEm website!! !


Woot Froot nectarines and peaches are a new found love of mine for a quick snack, especially when I’m babysitting! The kids love the already sliced fruit…and I certainly do too!! You can find a store locator on their website! I get mine at my local Target!


I LOVE ice cream. But I don’t love sugar & carbs & the way they make me feel! So finding Halo Top was one of the greatest things that’s happened! The owners were at our BL alumni dinner and we all go to try this amazingly delicious, low carb, & low sugar ice cream! And it actually tastes like ice cream & not like….poop…like some other things on the market! I LOVE IT!!! You can find a store locator here! OH, & if you put a Quest bar in your Halo Top…well, let’s just say you can thank me later!


Better Body Foods is an amazing company that has TONS of awesome products such as coconut oil, chia seeds, coconut flour, and vanilla extract…all that go into my low carb lifestyle! And one of my favorite products by them is their PB Fit! It is a powdered peanut butter that has a better nutrition label than it’s competitors (in my opinion). Their website has all of their info, including a store locator!



I absolutely LOVE my “zoodle” maker! I don’t have this particular one (mine was way more expensive because I got it when they first came out), but since then, the Veggetti has come out & it is MUCH cheaper & does the exact same thing! So that is why I wanted to share this one with you because I feel like it’s more affordable & just as wonderful! You can turn zucchini, carrots, squash, or any long & thin veggie into a “spaghetti”! It is AMAZING!!!! The texture is just like noodles without all of the carbs! SCORE! Click here to get a veggetti!



Almond Flour is very helpful in my low carb lifestyle! Many people who live a Paleo lifestyle also use almond flour. For me, it has replaced any type of regular flour, including whole wheat flour. I love it! It’s worth a try for anyone out there who is skeptical. You can get it from Amazon here!


Coconut oil is a staple in my house! I use it for cooking, oil pulling, moisturizing, and just about anything you can imagine! It is great for so many things & I am finding new things to use it for each day! I prefer to use the Better Body Foods Coconut Oil and you can get it on Amazon or at Sam’s Club! Both have great prices!


I often get asked if I drink smoothies or shakes and the answer is yes! I love smoothies when I’m running late for something and need to grab some nutrition on the go! My Ninja Kitchen System makes it super simple for me. I actually used to have a Vitamix blender, but the Ninja works better for me and was much cheaper! I love the single serve attachment that comes with this particular one that I got from Amazon (it had the best price for me).

Fitness Products:


I have used a BodyMedia armband since the very beginning of my weight loss journey almost 5 years ago! And I absolutely love it!!! I have the Link armband that connects with my phone, but if you prefer something on your wrist or you don’t have a smart phone, then I recommend the Core armband. I have had both and both of them are wonderful. It really just depends on your lifestyle! There IS a monthly fee for the program, however…just know that going into it! The monthly fee is $6.95…but it is well worth it! This is also the product that we used on the show!


I have only had my Jawbone UP24 for a little while, but I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It tracks your sleep, steps, and overall HEALTH which I love! And the app is very user friendly & it does NOT have a monthly fee! It is a bit more expensive than other products, but well worth the extra money.



Workout Attire:


RUNNING FUNKY — I love these workout clothes, especially the capris! There are so many different funky and fun patterns…and they have sizes S-3xl! I wear an XL for reference!

I also really love Old Navy workout clothes along with Lululemon for special occasions! A lot of people don’t know this, but Old Navy has a women’s plus size line ONLINE ONLY. I used to wear their plus line before I lost a bunch of weight. They go up to size 30, or 4x! At Lulu, I prefer the Run: Inspire crops in a size 12!



My Skin Surgeon:


I feel like my skin removal surgery has been one of the most important parts of my health journey thus far. I could not have done it without Dr. Mark Grevious & his staff!!! I am so blessed to know this wonderful man. And I could never thank him enough for all he has done for me! If you are looking for the BEST plastic surgeon in the Chicagoland area, you must call Dr. Grevious! All of his info is on his website here!





Many of you ask about the Bulu Box subscription that I often talk about! It’s amazing. Basically you will get 4-5 health and wellness product samples per month! You can choose a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription! And if you use the code BULUGAN018 at checkout, you can get up to 50% off of your order! For example, if you order the 12 month subscription which is originally $110, you can get the 12 months for only $55 with that code!! Click here —> BuluBox and use the code BULUGAN018 at checkout for the deal!!! :)




I get asked almost every single day about the headbands I wear! And I honestly will not wear ANYTHING but Brady Bands these days! They are my absolute favorite! They stay on all day no matter what I’m doing including working out! AND my favorite part is that some of the proceeds go towards Childhood Cancer Research. This company is near and dear to my heart & the quality of the product makes it even better! You will LOVE these!




I get all of my glasses from Zenni Optical now! They have prescription glasses for as low as $6.95. Yes, you read that right!!! I now have an eye glasses obsession because I can get 10 pair for the price of 1! AND you can make any pair of frames into prescription sunglasses with an 80% tint! You will LOVE these!!!